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How Bad Are Bananas?: The carbon footprint of everything It Is Terrific I Can T Remember The Last Time I Read A Book That Was Fascinating And Useful And Enjoyable All At The Same Time Bill Bryson An Engaging Book That Manages To Present Serious Science Without PreachingIt Offers Tools That Any Reader Will Be Able To Use And Make Informed Choices, And Even Seasoned Eco Enthusiasts Will Be In For Plenty Of Surprises New Scientist Mike Berners Lee Knows About Carbon Footprints Than Anyone Else In The UK Enjoyable, Fun To Read And Scientifically Robust A Triumph Of Popular Science Writing Chris Goodall If We Re Serious About Really Addressing Climate Change, We Need To Become Energy And Carbon Literate, And Get To Grips With The Implications Not Only Of Our Choices But Also The Bigger Infrastructures Which Underpin The Things We Consume How Can We Educate Our Desires Unless We Know What We Re Choosing Between Mike Berners Lee, To My Complete Delight, Has Provided Just The Wonderful Foundation We Need A Book That Somehow Made Me Laugh While Telling Me Deeply Serious Things Peter Lipman, Director Of SUSTRANS This Book Is Amazing I Was Either Going Wow Or Snorting With Laughter Rachel Nunn, Director, Carbon Neutral Stirling Curiously Fascinating To Both Climate Geeks And Well Rounded Human Beings Alike Franny Armstrong, Director Of The Age Of Stupid And Founder Of Mike Berners Lee Knows About Carbon Footprints Than Anyone Else In The UK Enjoyable, Fun To Read And Scientifically Robust A Triumph Of Popular Science Writing Chris Goodall

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    A book that s mostly a list of things we consume and an accompanying calculation of the carbon footprint could be rather dry, but the authors humour ensures that s far from the case A really interesting way to gain a greater understanding about our individual carbon footprint, and enough optimism to leave the reader feeling that by changing their own behaviour

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    This book is good for understanding how to cut your carbon emissions in much depth that what you can see online I came away with a huge list of ideas and I think I can reduce my carbon footprint by another 10% at least using some of the ideas I hadn t though of.Some people will find it readable if you are really interested in the topic and analytical, perhaps while oth

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    Great concept but some of it is outdated the quoted study on cloth nappies has now been largely discredited and cloth nappies are proven to be significantly climate friendly than disposables the section on the carbon impact of TVs is not really relevant as if refers to older models and won t apply to anyone who has bought a new TV during the last ten yearsCould do with an update

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    Easy to understand and injects humour and well researched information Exposes many myths about modern living and bogus green choices Bananas are good not bad as they travel by boat and grow in the sun Carrier bags are not the issue but rather all the other packaging A lot of green books are written out of feelings and not based on science or facts This is a book well worth buying for anyon

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    This book is very well written and being aimed at the layman, everything is very clearly explained It is certainly a very good guide to the significance of many common things you do, and a good way of putting in perspective as the author says where you should target your efforts if you wish to improve your environmental footprint.However, if there are future revisions, detail on how the numbers are

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    Ever wondered how your lifestyle choices affect the amount of carbon you use This is a great book and raised than a few eyebrows when used on a course on the environment Makes you really think about how you can be less wasteful and make informed choices about how you choose to live.

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    This is my favourite book on carbon footprint.It is refreshing to find a book about carbon footprint that s also an enjoyable read Unlike most books on carbon footprint, that I plough through for my research, How Bad Are Bananas was hugely entertaining in a page turning way I read the book from cover to cover in a weekend and couldn t put it down, thanks to the engaging style of writing, humour and clarity of presentat

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    If you are at all concerned about the environment or our effect on it, this is a must read Very enlightening and educational, it is a factual book that is a joy and pleasure to read Very well written and constructed, it is a book you can dip into or read cover to cover and you will always come away wiser and hopefully better prepared for life than when you picked it up.I have brought several copied of this book just to loan out,

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