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Alternative Energy For Dummies eBook: Rik DeGunther: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store This Book Really Does Offer A Comprehensive Picture Of The Possible Future Of Energywell Priced UK Energy Saving, August Th Presents Readers With A Multifaceted Examination Of Various Forms Of Alternative Energy, Including Solar, Wind, Nuclear, Biomass, Geothermal, And Biofuel

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    Still it does not mean it won t work this side of the atlantic With everybody rushing around being nimbys not on my backyard sometimes people lose sight of the aim of alternate energy to make you independent of monopoly or cartel suppliers This book gives you ideas of where to start Environmentalists who tend to be wealthy, lose sight of the o

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    Highly informative.

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    This is a great book it puts all the complicated stuff about alternative energies into simple easy to understand terms and it was very helpful for a an piece of work that i had to do for uni.

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    I was generally pleased with this book It was easy to read, contained a broad view of multiple energy alternatives, and provided a basis from which to do further research I didn t care for some of the repetitive political commentary including some of the comments on modern agriculture The author may know energy, but I wouldn t say his expertise esxtends to othe

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    It may be my fault, but I was hoping for depth and detail I m very interested in developing a small solar wind energy source for my home and this just gave an overview of information I already had at my disposal I m still searching for a system that will work for me This did not help me.

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    This book also visits the reasons of how and why we perceive energy as we do, poorly Clear and concise, worth a read for everyone looking to understand and enter the amazing solutions to your energy needs.

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    As the title suggest, I lost my copy of this from a class set and I needed to buy one from the teacher or find one myself Overall, I think the book is fine but I must admit it is not as technical as I would like But hey, if you are buying a book for dummies its going to be in as simple English as is possible.

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    Several months ago I read an interesting National Geographic article on ethanol I learned how Brazil s motor vehicles run on ethanol, and how expensive it is to produce ethanol from corn But where could I find a book covering the salient points on hydrogen fuel cells, coal, diesel engines, nuclear power, solar cells, maglev trains, wind power, geothermal heating, hybrid electric vehic

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