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The Gospel According to Jesus: What Is Authentic Faith? A Revised Edition That Explains The Intrinsic Relationship Between Faith And Works And Reveals Why Jesus Is Both Savior And Lord To All Who BelieveThe First Edition Of The Gospel According To Jesus Won Wide Acclaim In Confronting The Easy Believism That Has Characterized Some Quarters In Evangelical Christianity This Expanded Edition Deepens The Debate Over Lordship Salvation And The Biblical Understanding Of Faith And Works In Adding Three New Chapters And An Appendix The New Chapters The Vine And The Branches The Promise Of Justification Tetelestai The Triumph Is Complete The Appendix Contains Answers To The Most Often Asked Questions On The Subject Of What Jesus Really Meant When He Said Follow Me

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    So far I m not even a third through this book but I am really impressed with what I ve read so far I think he has some very important points to make about what Jesus actually teaches in the Gospels and how it demands a lot of each person who professes Christ than what is portrayed by many in the Christian world today.If you are someone who is wo

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    This book essentially contrasts two views of salvation and Christian living Decisional Salvation and Lordship Salvation.In Decisional Salvation, a person is considered saved at the moment they publically confess the beliefthat Jesus died for their sins The person does not have to do anything beyond this to be saved The person s lifestyle beyong this i

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    Excellent read Very convincing and scripture based argument from Macarthur that will cause you to re examine any pre suppositions you may have about what the Biblical gospel actually is and the demands that it contains.

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    Every Christian should read this.

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    Always coming back to this book, again and again Cannot recomend it enough

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    An eye opener and a heart cleanser It is the kind of book I will read again It has made me think very deeply about my attitude to Christianity.

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    Very good

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