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OVERSIZE Mega Art & Installations Overs Ze Features The Best Of Installation Art On A Grand Scale All Around The World The Designers, Sculptors And Installation Artists Featured In These Pages Discuss Considerations Such As Weather, Wind Flow, Method Of Installation, Time Constraints, Budgets, Transportation Of The Piece To The Site, Materials Used And Their Durability And The Process Of Site Selection The Finished Projects Interact In Symbiotic Or Contrasting Methods With Their Surroundings In Carefully Controlled Ways To Create New Spatial Meanings

3 thoughts on “OVERSIZE Mega Art & Installations

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    Very inspiring Unique Beautiful layouts.

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    It s a great book It has alot of pictures than the reading part and that what I want It s appropriate for teachers.

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    Amazing book with great design and wonderful projects inside I would recommend this to any graphic designer, artist, or curator.

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