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The Ultimate Solar Power Design Guide: Less Theory More Practice As a homeowner interested in going solar, the book was helpful and provided useful information, but some sections were a little technical many formulas than I needed More helpful to me was the authors other recent book, The Truth About Solar Panels, which I recommend to anyone interested in solar electric systems. Imagine How Often You Read Books About Solar Panels And Solar Power Systems And Their Design And Felt Disappointed, Confused Without Knowing How To Get Started And Put Together The Pieces Of The Puzzle Of Your Much Anticipated And Long Awaited Off Grid Or Grid Tied Solar Power System No ConfusionThe Book Ultimate Solar Power Design Guide Less Theory, More Practice Is The Missing Guide For Proven Simple Fast Design Of Solar Electricity Systems For Your Home, Off Grid House, Business, Boat, Vehicle Or Other Outdoor Activities What Is , This Guide Is Written By Experts Especially For Beginners And Professionals AlikeProper Sizing Of A Solar System Is Very ImportantThe Final Goal Of The Design Of A Photovoltaic System Is To Come Up With A Cost Effective, Efficient And Reliable Solar Panel System For Your Home, RV Vehicle, Boat Or Business A Solar System That Squeezes The Maximum Possible Power For Every Cent Invested In Our Opinion, The Main Drawback Of Many Solar Books Is That They Give Too Much General Information About Solar Panels And Solar Components And, If You Are Lucky Enough, Just One Or Two Very Basic Design Formulas Those Formulas, However, Are Far Away From A Proven Yet Simple System For Sizing A Solar System From Scratch Moreover, Such Sizing Information Is Buried In Too Much Fillers And Fluffs You Could Easily Find By Just Surfing The WebObviously, Such Authors Limit Solar Design Methods To Their Own Cases Only Ironically The Reader S Case Rarely Coincides With The Authors Solar Case You Feel Confused And Lost Without Being Aware Of How To Wire And Put All The Components Of The Solar Power System TogetherThe Mission Of This Book Is To Fill This Gap By Offering A Simple Practical, Fast, Step By Step Approach For Designing A Solar System Of Any Scale, Whether Simple Or Complex, Intended For Your Home, Business, RV Vehicle Or Boat The Book Is Written By Experts, Holding Master S Degree In Electronics, And Is Intended For Those Who Cannot Get Started Or Are Utterly Confused Grab The Book Ultimate Solar Power Design Guide Less Theory, More Practice And Get Your Solar Powered Home, RV Vehicle, Boat Or Business TodayWhile Reading The Book You Will Discover That Our Approach To Sizing A Solar System Is Just The Opposite To The Currently Prevailing Ones We Prefer To Give You Lots Of Fast And Simple Step By Step Universal Design Methods Applicable To All Cases, Accompanied With Many Sizing Examples Starting From Very Simple Solar Power Systems And Finishing With The Design Of The Sophisticated Off Grid Solar Power System Thanks To This Approach You Will Be Capable Of Designing Any Solar Power System Or Tailor The Sizing Methods According To Your Own Needs The Book Provides General Approaches Business Sizing Simple And Fast Design But Not Too Accurate For Every CaseBasic Sizing Not So Fast But Accurate, AndAdvanced Sizing Accurate But Not So FastYou May Choose One Of The General Approaches, Depending On The Type Of System You Are Going To Use For Example, The Fastest Business Case Approach Could Be Used For Sizing Simple Solar Systems For Outdoor Activities It May Be Even Accurate Enough For Sizing Small Solar Systems For RV Vehicles And Boats The Basic And The Accurate Advanced Approach Are Best Suited For Designing Off Grid And Grid Tied Solar Electric Systems Grab The Book Ultimate Solar Power Design Guide Less Theory, More Practice Now If you want to build working solar power system on your own, this book is an excellent starting point And, not only When you prefer to understand, what you are doing and why, no doubt this reading will guide you through every step you took It is not so common nowadays a technical subject like this to be presented in a book so that virtually everyone can understand Therefore, do your research And then you will be happy buying this book. There are many publications on the subject, but in my opinion this book represents a truly comprehensive and practical guide about how to design and put together all of the parts of solar power system The book may save many hours of research and confusions and in the same time is full of practical shortcuts and applicable hints. Make sure you have your engineering degree prior Book is literally one long math equation instead of explaining each part the authors just use math equations to flood the entire book to show off their degrees Hate to break it to you, but unfortunately the majority of the population has not been installing solar panel systems for the last 20 years Hence the reason i bought your book I thank you for the massive math equation with little to no explanation on anything Jokes on me. In my opinion, the general part should have been a bit shorter since every DIYer is well familiar with the very PV basics Nevertheless the book is well written and contains lots of practical information the site survey tips, whether to go solar checklist and the cheat sheet at the end The examples seem quite adequate and well developed I think they will work and I m going to apply one of them to connect my laptop to solar power.The book describes various free software tools for PV system design I wonder whether the authors provide a similar sizing tool and whether it s free or not.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Ultimate Solar Power Design Guide: Less Theory More Practice book, this is one of the most wanted Lacho Pop MSE author readers around the world.

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