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Japanese Knives and Sharpening Techniques (Japanese-English Bilingual Books) Traditional Japanese Kitchen Knives Are Gaining As High Recognition And Attention As Japanese Food Itself This Book Covers Everything On Knives, From Japanese And Chinese To Western, From Their Styles, Features, Basic Knowledge Of Knives To Sharpening Stones And Techniques All In A Single Volume Written In Both English And Japanese, This Book Will Appeal To Those With A Desire To Learn About Japanese Knives And Unique Sharpening Techniques, Or Who Wish To Learn About The Rich Culture And Tradition To People Outside Of Japan Kids who are learning Japanese and love making sushi thoroughly enjoying this read Bought it because it is transliterated Photos and history are intriguing. Great pics, but not to much info about the sharpening techniques I have many great Japanese Knives and water Stones I bought many of both in Japan too but even though I have seen demonstrations on how to use them remembering the proper part of the process is difficult for someone raised with Oil Stones The pictures Many in color offer a sense of confidence to me Having just the weight of a SHARP Japanese Knife cutting by just pulling it through without pressing downward is like cutting butter Amazing In my home area of Minneapolis I have seen many American Chefs bring their knives into Knife Shops to get them sharp again tired of working with dull Knives There is a purpose to this book to fill in the gaps of our meager knowledge EJS

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