Building a Better World in Your Backyard: Instead of Being

  • Audiobook
  • Building a Better World in Your Backyard: Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys
  • Paul Wheaton
  • 11 February 2019
  • 1999171403

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Building a Better World in Your Backyard: Instead of Being Angry at Bad GuysThen this book is for you Its aim is to help you make an environmental impact not by being a better and louder complainer, but in realistic practical ways and without sacrificing personal comfort The authors define this as luxuriant environmentalism That in itself ought to grab your attention, because most people claiming to try to save the planet tell us we need to make personal sacrifices to do that saving The ideas in this book, however, offer less wasteful but comfortable lifestyle changes that will also save you money.Practical, encouraging, and well written I can t help but repeat what other reviewers have already said, highly recommended. Luxuriant EnvironmentalismMake a huge, positive, global difference from your own home Prioritize comfort over sacrifice while saving thousands of dollars Explore dozens of solutions and their impacts on carbon footprint, petroleum footprint, toxic footprint, and other environmental issuesIf % of the population implemented half the solutions in this book, it would solve the biggest global problems All without writing to politicians, joining protests, signing petitions, or being angry at the people that are causing the problemsGood solutions are often different from conventional environmental wisdom The average American adult has a carbon footprint oftons per year Replacing a petroleum car with an electric car will cuttons But if you live in a cold climate and you switch from electric heat to a rocket mass heater, you will cuttons Join Paul and Shawn on a journey featuring simple alternatives that you may have never heard of alternatives which are about building a symbiotic relationship with nature so we can all be even lazier Nurture nature and nature nurtures us all LTDR Great book, I ll be sending them out as stocking suffers.This book is a rendering of several decades of direct work and some of the best down to earth practical words I have been able to find.Like good poetry the paragraphs will contain if one takes the time to think about them.Like a great wine the ideas are best opened with intention rather than swilling.Like a starving person lost in the woods i binged through my first reading I m now satiated enough that I am going back and paying much attention to the details I expect to be reading it and rereading it for years to come Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die This book is like drinking the antidote In the right light, most of our problems are simply solvable There is hope. I ve just started reading this and skimmed through some of the chapters but I m already excited about reading this It looks to be full of creative ideas for living a sustainable and better quality life So far this book is a treasure I m ordering to pass out to family and friends. Great perspective Well worth the read I highly recommend It a great read with real advice to make a change in your global footprint. I still have one chapter to read in this book and I like most of it There is some that I did not like but that was ok.

About the Author: Paul Wheaton

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Building a Better World in Your Backyard: Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys book, this is one of the most wanted Paul Wheaton author readers around the world.