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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Celebrate The Th Anniversary Of Star Trek The Motion Picture With This Classic Movie Novelization Written By Legendary Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry The Original Five Year Mission Of The Starship Enterprise To Explore Strange New Worlds And To Seek Out New Life And New Civilizations Has Ended Now James T Kirk, Spock, Dr McCoy, And The Rest Of The Crew Of The Enterprise Have Separated To Follow Their Own Career Paths And Different Lives But Now, An Overwhelming Alien Threatone That Is Ignoring All Attempts At Communication And Annihilating All Opposition In Its Pathis On A Collision Course With Earth, The Very Heart Of The United Federation Of Planets And The Only Vessel That Starfleet Can Send In Time To Intercept This Menace Is A Refitted Enterprise, With Her Old Crew Heeding The Call To Once Again Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

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    There wasn t anything that I didn t like about this book At first I was hesitant to read this book for two reasons 1 I didn t like the film, and 2 I don t usually like to read books with under 300 pages as I find them too quick a read.But I REALLY enjoyed this

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    This story was well written and featured a lot of action I thought that since the story was written in 1970 s or 1980 s that the version would be dated and the story hard to follow I was pleasantly surprised Gene Roddenberry does know the Star Trek mythos quite well I w

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    As a massive fan of TOS and TAS I loved this book So much I can t say how well it holds itself as an alternative to the film, since I ve seen TMP so many times that it s difficult for me to distinguish between what I was just remembering vs what was actually there However as an a

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    An occasionally smug but engrossing retelling of the film, adding backstory and extra dimension to the story I miss the days when the novelisation of a film tried to be a good book, and not just a quick cash in.

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    I really like Star Trek, but The Motion Picture always seemed a little well, slow and boring in places so it s not one of my favourite Star Trek films, but I decided to try out the novelisation I obviously knew what was going to happen before reading it, but that didn t stop it from being enjoyable

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    Kids present he love it

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    Well it s the first Star Trek movie in book form Some slight differences as usual between a book film Ok for any fan.

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