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Family Don't End with Blood: Cast and Fans on How Supernatural Has Changed Lives How A Show, And The Support Of Its Fandom, Changedand SavedLives Supernatural, A Three Time Peoples Choice Award Winner For Favorite Sci Fi Fantasy TV Show And Tumblrs Most Reblogged Live Action TV, Has Made A Name For Itself By Supporting And Encouraging Its Fans To Always Keep Fighting, And A Memorable Line From Early In The Shows Run, Family Dont End With Blood, Became An Inspiring Mantra For Many Who Found Community In The Fandom In Powerful Chapters Written By Supernaturals Actors And Fans, Including Series Lead Jared Padalecki, Plus Special Messages From Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, And Mark Sheppard, Family Dont End With Blood Cast And Fans On How Supernatural Has Changed Lives Examines The Far Reach Of The Shows Impact For Than A Decade Supernatural Has Inspired Fans To Change Their Lives, From Getting Sober For Sam To Escaping A Cult To Pursuing Life Long Dreams But Fans Arent The Only Ones Who Have Been Changed The Actors Who Bring The Show To Life Have Also Found, In The Show And Its Community, Inspiration, Courage, And The Strength To Keep Going When Life Seemed Too Hard Including Essays And Special Messages From Supernatural S Cast Jared Padelecki Sam Winchester Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester Misha Collins Castiel Mark Sheppard Crowley Jim Beaver Bobby Singer Ruth Connell Rowena MacLeod Osric Chau Kevin Tran Rob Benedict Chuck Shurley Aka God Kim Rhodes Sheriff Jody Mills Briana Buckmaster Sheriff Donna Hanscum Matt Cohen Young John Winchester Gil McKinney Henry Winchester Rachel Miner Meg Masters Collected And Edited By Lynn S Zubernis, A Clinical Psychologist, Professor, And Passionate Supernatural Fangirl, Family Dont End With Blood Provides An Insightful And Often Uplifting Look Into The Way International Fan Communities Become Powerful, Positive Forces In The Lives Of So Many In Keeping With The Shows Message To Always Keep Fighting, A Portion Of The Proceeds From The Book Will Be Donated To RANDOM ACTS, A Nonprofit Founded By Misha Collins, And AT TITUDES IN REVERSE, Whose Mission Is To Educate Young People About Mental Health And Suicide Prevention

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    As an SPNFamily member since 2005 I was actually a bit apprehensive about reading this book, would it burst some bubbles Would my idols I am 42 years old and not ashamed to admit I use the word idol in relation to the writers and actors suddenly loose their glow when I read the things that made them human Absolutely Not This book is l

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    Having just finished reading this book all I can say is that I loved every word, every line, every chapter.This fandom means a lot to me, and reading the stories shared by each of the people who wrote a chapter for this book fans and actors alike really makes it clear that NONE of us is aloneThe SPN Family is there to help and support

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    A labour of love and heartfelt tribute to the enduring legacy and power of fandom A collection of contributions from both fans and cast members, proving our dear Bobby Singer correct Family don t end with blood Such an appropriate title for this book The SPNFamily Supernatural family, for those not keyed up on the lingo is a unique and

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    I ll be honest considering this was fan made I was anticipating it would be somewhat amateur, and I balked a little at the price I bought it anyway because I wanted to read Rob s story As soon as I opened the parcel I was delighted it s a real sturdy little book, with content than I d imagined and picture pages in the middle Another thi

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    What an amazing collection of essays from Supernatural actors and fans alike Especially like the honesty and heartfelt emotional stories from Jared Padalecki and Rob Benedict on how the fandom and fellow actors and friends have helped them through difficult times It was so emotional at times but Lynn Zubernis put it together with her own

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    family don t end with blood is a lot like supernatural itself.when i picked it up, i expected to like it, but i didn t expect it to make me cry throughout my 7 hour flight.it was good crying though the essays are heart warming and inspiring they feel genuine and real.just like the spn family.i read love A LOT of books, but this is the firs

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    This book us very insightful and you realise you ar3 not alone in your struggles I am fairly new to the supernatural fandom and am already on my 3rd round of watching frim the beginning Like others it is an escape and helps calm my mind This book is a great journey into how much the shoe has on fans and actors alike.

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    I watch a programme called Supernatural I post a lot to do with this show but it is amazing how many lives it has touched from the heart of the show not the monsters but the brothers This book not only shows how this show has changed the lives of fans but the lives of the actors It is such a good read and lovely to hear from a show that star

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