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Maya Makes a Mess (Toon Books) In The Midst Of A Family Dinner With Her Scolding Parents, Maya Receives An Unexpected Invitation To Dine With The Queen Suddenly, Her Messy Manners Are Put To The Ultimate Test And She Begins To Improvise Her Very Own Set Of Rules, With Uproarious Results Filled With Humor And Exquisitely Imagined Detail, This Book By Eisner Award Winner Rutu Modan Is Bound To Turn Every Child Into A Voracious Reader

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    Funny comic that my daughter enjoyed learning to read with

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    My son s favourite book He is 5 and loves reading it Its brilliant and very funny.

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    Brilliant book excellent illustrations, fabulous story with super funny elements that carry a happy deep truth to us all

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    Excellent book My kids love it

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    We have this book and Hebrew, and I was so happy to see it s translated and available to non Hebrew readers This is a witty and funny graphic novel, telling the story of Maya who is having dinner with her parents and being asked, over and over again, to use her manners

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    Maya Makes a Mess is a hilarious book about a girl named Maya whose parents are always on her about her manners They say things like What if you were having dinner with the queen One night during dinner, she is whisked away to have dinner with the queen The queen then adopts Maya

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    In this Toon Book from Candlewick Press, Maya s parents try to teach Maya basic table manners such as use your fork, sit up, and use a napkin They tell her she needs manners because what would she do if she were eating dinner with the queen Well, immediately after Maya gets invited to have

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