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Ancient and Epic Tales: From Around the World Great An Award Winning Collection Of Ancient Tales And AdventureHeather Forest S Artful Prose And Keen Curatorial Selection Brings An Array Of Ancient Tales Of Adventure, Quests, And Heroics To Life For Modern Readers This Multicultural Anthology Presents Pivotal Episodes From Epic Tales Such As Gilgamesh, Beowulf, The Odyssey, The Ramayana, AndThe Collection Illuminates Large Scale Narratives That Were Passed On And Preserved Through The Oral Tradition Long Before Being Captured In Written Form By Early Scribes With The Publication Of Ancient And Epic Tales, Heather Completes Her Long Awaited Trilogy Of Tales From Around The World Including Wonder Tales And Wisdom TalesThese Epic Narratives Remain Relevant Today As They Provide Insights Into The Complexity Of Human Relationships And The Intimate, Personal Journey Of Anyone Seeking To Understand The Meaning Of Life This Collection Of Timeless Stories Includes Norse Legends, Greek Myths, Japanese Folktales, Persian Stories, Irish Ballads And Chinese Lore Offering A Global Overview, This Anthology Of Concise Retellings Also Provides Endnotes With Cultural And Historical Background To Inspire Readers Further Inquiry Into These Enduring Tales Wikipedia can do the job REVIEW Forest, Heather ANCIENT AND EPIC TALES From Around the World August House, 2016 As a spoon stops a pot from boiling over,let my words stir your heart 1Heather Forest has gathered tales, and tales within tales, from many different cultures, historical periods and systems of belief in one intriguing collection Her choices feel motivated by an abiding trust that wisdom and peace can be constantly uncovered in our lives through sharing great stories The power of a story lays in how it is told, to when it is told, and who hears it ANCIENT AND EPIC TALES appears at the right moment, written with ease and elegance, and accessible to young and old Heather Forest is an advocate for humor, kindness, courage, patience, wisdom, spiritual knowledge and love The offering of fragments of larger stories makes us interested in knowing about the great oral literatures of the world, and through the meaningful experiences manifest in each tale, our longing itself is activated Longing to know , to imagine, and to feel is the very essence of the storyteller s intention and art What do we long for if not to be filled with a sense of belonging to the world ,engaged and alive ANCIENT AND EPIC TALES provides a storied manual for how to be a human being , in a diverse world with a long history, in troubled times, in the present.The most symbolic or fantastical tales that endure are always about us human beings how we function in the world in relationship to our minds and hearts, each other, nature, spirit and the world around us Heather has reached back to some of the oldest recorded stories known She has chosen parts of the whole epic and retold them with clarity in her own words We are being called from a voice in the past and by a true teller in the present to not forget who we are As citizens of the world And, to remember how to repair what goes out of balance over and over again how to be kind to one another and all the creatures who share our planet Everything thrived,the moment that anger departed 2The book begins with a retelling from the epic of Gilgamesh We are thrust into loss and grief in order to discover the truth of impermanence and the existence of the restorative magic in the world as our task Then we read a rarely shared story from the cuneiform tablets of Hattusas a part of a Hittite myth over 3500 years old Through this story we are given the instruction that will carry us, like a boat of wisdom, a cradle of loving kindness, throughout all the tales and our own daily lives Let your heart and soul become untangled.Taste the sesame seed and ripe fig.Be comforted by sweet flavor.Just as olives hold oil and grapes hold wine,You can hold goodness I loved the little tale of Telepinu, the god of fertility The diety of Fertility is described as a male We know now that oldest goddesses were the stewards of fertility It is known that their power was stolen, revisioned, banished or maligned In this tale, the God of Fertility, who has power but cannot control his own emotions, is healed when receiving instructions from a Goddess Her appearance is announced Lightening flashed And Thunder rolled It is She who informs him of the need to let go She teaches him and hence, us to learn to transform the energy of anger in order to restore abundance and satisfaction These two tales prepare us for the tales of King Solomon What is small is of immense importance, and the capacity to discern between what appears as real from what is real empowers us with humor and skill Every choice of story that Heather has made feeds us in the present In this digital speedy world what can be helpful than to remember with penetrating clarity that we have to use our innate insight and direct perception if we are to live in the world as it is, rather than as hoped for i or assumed These are clues given throughout about the path of peace.The stories are simply written Any one can find satisfaction in this collection It is not a scholarly text but an offering from the generous heart of one of our best storytellers For those who seek deeper meanings there are references about how to find full versions, and studies The simplicity is however disarming It is a roadmap of intention for how to go deeper if we are patient.ANCIENT TALES AND EPICS is a book to travel with to leave at the side of one s bed or set open on a coffee table It is great collection to inspire meaningful conversations A story, as opposed to an explanation or a moral lesson, allows us to experience all sides of a dilemma within ourselves which builds character and compassion In a classroom, causes and consequences, cultures and ideas can be explored And, if there is a lesson to be learned, the story provides a way of reflection without pointing out or punishing anyone context, as well as a chance as said above to become both sides of the problem and solution Hence, the book is dedicated to our intelligence, an innate ability to change, and a provocation to share our lives, regardless of what we have done or not understood THE MILK OF A LIONESS is one of my favorite tales It holds us enthralled as we recognize that fear has to be acknowledged then, little by little we can feed what we fear with kindness not destroy ourselves or others in an attempt to get rid of the unfamiliar or uncomfortable Many of the stories take us, like this, step by step, helping us overcome obstacles At a time when quick fix solutions, reactions and opinions are paraded as facts, these tales antidote impatience and disappointment The included tales are sometimes hilarious I loved the story told by Scheherazad about the unusual death of the Court Jester, a hunchback, and his accumulating murderers Character s foolishnesses and guilt, without investigation, wreaked havoc, produced zany strategies, until each person, trying to hide their crime, was motivated to tell the truth Scheherezad is, like Heather, a master teller of tales She bundled stories together from throughout the world and engaged a King nightly She changed the cruel King to a kind King Heat first commented on the behavior of every witless and cruel ruler in the tales, until tempered and strengthened by hearing stories, he gained the courage and insight to see himself in each episode Scheherazad s weapons were storytelling and pscyhological insight It is said that her voice was as rich as a flock of doves in her throat These are the tools of our autho teller Heather Forest slays our impatience with image and event She enriches us with stories, sending us back to our every day lives refreshed and informed The voice of the storyteller is heard on each page Suddenly we are swept up in another they are useful for entertainment, or instruction.One of my favorite story s, a surprise tale that I had never heard before, is the last in the book Just as the first story started with loss and retrieved our hope again, the final tale begins with the making of the world, the destruction and the renewal of the earth The essential issue of the survival of the earth at present, compromised by climate change, is expressed with a sense of determination and solace through the events of this tale The God of the story, Makunaima planted a world tree so there would be enough food for everyone, Through the antics of selfish animals, as in so many great tales the earth meant to support all of life, is destroyed greed , individualism and forgetting abounds In the great kindness of a compassionate teller of tales interested in the story as activity of inspiration then as a museum text, we collaborate through our hearing the story in bringing the world back to life Through this gracious gift of stories, Heather keeps the fire of faith burning reminding us that if we remember to tell and listen to stories we may lessen the troubles of the world and replenish our lives with joy Thank you Heather Forest for the love and the work Laura Simms July 2016 A review by Susan Klein, M.Ed., storyteller, author, narrative consultant and presentation coach 2016Ancient and Epic Tales affords the reader an opportunity to bask in the scholarly endeavors of long time, and much revered American minstrel and storyteller Dr Heather Forest as she celebrates world cultures through the richness of some of their oldest and most treasured stories.Dr Forest s retellings retain the essence of the ancients while opening a welcoming pathway into texts and stories that, to some, may have seemed too daunting to pursue Whether traveling alongside Odysseus of the Greeks or Gilgamesh of the Sumerians, Ireland s Finn MacCoul s sharp witted wife Oonagh or Mulan of China, the reader is swept into a global journey, continent by continent, through an inviting tale with evocative imagery drawn by this pre eminent storyteller.The fresh versions of these tales alone are a gift but a deeper treasure lies at the end of the book copious detailed notes of the history of the stories and the cultural context wherein these stories were told in the oral tradition long before they were captured in print are coupled with a wealth of cited sources.To a lover of tales, this book is a marvelous dessert following Dr Forest s first two editions in the trilogy, Wisdom Tales and Wonder Tales To a contemporary storyteller, Ancient and Epic Tales is a sumptuous feast of tantalizing imagery, heroic adventures, and a bountiful cache of historical information and sources from which to launch one s own research.Dr Forest s generosity in providing a story by story list of sources affords the modern storyteller a solid platform from which to begin, saving following tellers enormous research time Ancient and Epic Tales will no doubt inspire you to add Dr Forest s Wisdom Tales and Wonder Tales to your personal library as well to complete this lovely trilogy which celebrates the particular and global imagination. This a beautifully written book of epic tales from around the world Some, including Aesop s Fables, or Sir Gawain and the Green Knight were familiar to me, but there were several that were new to me, such as Mwindo s journey, an African tale It is a pleasure reread the familiar tales as well as the new The tales are timeless in the sense that they are still relevant today, touching on life s lessons in an engaging and vibrant way The stories are evocatively retold in an accessible style, equally enjoyable for adult or older child I like to collect tales of wisdom and this is certainly one worth having on the shelf. Excellent in every way readable and alive with wonderful selections from the great epics Makes you want to read them all.I also loved the detailed sources This book is a must to storytellers and story lovers.

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