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I Just Want To Be... Me! Today s children struggle with a range of issues, from depression and anxiety to poor body image and low self esteem In fact, research suggests that at any given time aroundper cent of students will be suffering from a mental health issue that directly impacts on their education and health Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT the subject of Dr Russ Harris s bestselling The Happiness Trap has been proven to be effective in teaching young people effective, flexible strategies for dealing with the stressors in their life and these principles are now brought to life in this graphic novel By following the main character, Holly, through her encounters with monsters symbolising her inner doubts and unpleasant thoughts , children will learn how to similarly deal with their own issues and develop a resilient mental attitude and achieve better emotional balance

6 thoughts on “I Just Want To Be... Me!

  1. Gabby Gabby says:

    This was a fantastic and very sweet book In comic form , this books takes the reader through a voyage of self discovery that is beautifully honest and sensitive towards those niggling conditions of worth that we all fall to at one time or another Fantastic for teens or any person who wants to get a new perspective on those often crippling negative mantras It took me 15 mins to read and even as an adult , I found it very insightful.

  2. thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer says:

    Excellent quality and fast delivery.

  3. Alex88 Alex88 says:

    NOT for standard Kindle Basically a picture book, takes 15 mins to read.

  4. Martin R. Martin R. says:

    e.g for someone who s in teacher education to make him her aware of the emotional social side of teaching

  5. Ma Ma says:

    This is a great resource I ve used it with adolescents who found it engaging although slightly labouring the point in places I am delighted to have this cartoon book which gets to the heart of what ACT is about, using language and style that is well suited to young UK audiences I ve bought and passed on several copies, so would definitely recommend it.

  6. Anita Punamiya Anita Punamiya says:

    Good use of pictures and great messages to help children develop positive self esteem Can help parents when dealing with their children.

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