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Those Who Wait: Finding God in Disappointment, Doubt and Delay I really enjoyed this book I read it as part of a book group so have done some of the solo and group activities as well as reading it and the appendices at the back Here s an overview if you re wondering whether to get it Each section focuses on a different person from the Bible who experienced waiting on God in difficult situations These are each quite different which allows many different readers to find someone who they can relate to, or a situation they are familiar with Marlow lists a few themes at the start of each section so you can identify them at a glance On reading there s clearly than the few listed so don t be put off if there isn t one clearly matching from the subtitles.The sections are split into small manageable chapters each of which reimagines part of the experience of the person This is told in a very compelling manner and allows you to really relate to these people and their experiences It certainly helped me grasp that these are not stories of people merrily skipping their way through the calamities of life as a Good Saint Should, but rather of people wrestling and fighting through incredibly dark seasons in the way all of us do If you find yourself relating to stories and auto biographies this is a style which will probably appeal to you I found her style insightful in a manner which allowed me to find insight myself.I m often put off by the idea of storytelling from the Bible, I suppose from a fear of missing or miss telling what s really there I didn t find myself put off by this though Marlow is a trained theologian I believe she used to lecture in theology and has included at the back some brief notes and discussions on things such as where there is uncertainty in translation or understanding and why she s chosen the meaning she s chosen I also never got the impression that she was saying this happened exactly like this , but rather that she was using her retelling to highlight certain aspects of the passages in a way analogous to how sermons often expand upon and highlight aspects of a passage.It has a wide range of various discussion and activity prompts suitable for individuals and groups to work through, to explore the ideas in depth, usually relating them to your own life and experience rather than anything theoretical This includes things like music and creative activities as well as your standard questions I think that s a great choice as traditional Q A book clubs are not for everyone The group focused ones are at the back so not a distraction if you re reading through on your own As with Marlow s other book I think that this book is ideal for a group discussion format, with short and accessible enough sections and activities to appeal to a broad range of readers I believe that it s designed to be readable during advent, with each overall section matching the traditional advent Sunday themes, but that s by no means a necessity and it isn t Christmassy beyond the expected focus of Jesus basically, I wouldn t have noticed it could be used as an advent reader if it hadn t been pointed out to me, but once it was it made perfect sense to be used as such.The book is well suited to reading on your own at any point so don t let all that clever design put you off if you just want to sit down and have a good read Lastly if you re unsure about risking this because you ve been burned before on this topic, I d give Marlow a quick search and read some of her articles She has a particularly nasty neurological disease ME so writes from the point of view of someone who is going through incredibly difficult times and has much experience waiting She does not write fluffy happy platitudes, tell you it s your fault, insist things would be better if you just did x, or claim that everything is great and fine despite all evidence to the contrary Somehow she talks about hardship as it is, and yet in a way which inspires hope even when as it is may never change. Some of my most profound learning and personal development moments have been whilst sitting down for coffee with someone who has been brave and vulnerable and open enough to share their life experience and what they have come to know of God through that time After chats with such people, you walk away changed, encouraged, your burden slightly lighter than it was before and with a profound sense of gratefulness that you spoke to them This book, Those Who Wait, feels like that like having a coffee and chat with some of the celebrities of the Bible The celebrities who you hear about in countless sermons and yet somehow, because of their celeb status, can still feel so far away and impersonal here, through Tanya s creative retelling of their lives, they all become so much real and human and normal and yet, somehow all the extraordinary I find waiting a hard process for a train, for a situation to improve, for the worse to be over and if you add uncertainty and disappointment to the mix then I m quickly done with it all It turns out, I m not alone And even if I feel done, God isn t If you want to learn and grow and heal and breathe in hope peace right in the middle of your waiting then this is for you Great to explore on your own as a quick read or soul search both are possible or in a group context, this book invites you towards a closer, personal relationship with the 4 lives we read about in the Bible and, poignantly, towards a close, very personal and present God who is waiting and longing to be found by us, too. I really enjoyed Tanya s depictions of the four different Biblical characters in the middle of their waiting It gave such a new and interesting perspective to leave them in the middles of their stories The characters were cleverly depicted and all with such different voices you can tell from a sentence which of them is speaking making them very believable I also loved the little details woven through the stories which linked them, reminding me in each case of a greater story and a greater Author behind them all.The questions and prayers at the end of each chapter gave real food for thought, and I ll be using this book again during Advent to focus properly on those and do some journalling Altogether recommended, a super book from a great writer. My Whole Life Has Been A Long Wandering, A Long Hunger That Hasn T Yet Been Satisfied Sarah S StoryEveryone Is Waiting We Wait For A Bus, A Spouse, A Different Job, A Better Life We Wait For Christ At Best, It S Irritating At Worst, Unbearable But What If Our Frustrated Longings Have Spiritual Value Enter Four Bible Heroes Who Waited Impatiently Sarah, Isaiah, John The Baptist And Mary Through Gripping Storytelling, We Immerse Ourselves In Their Lives We Find Empathy For Our Disappointment And Doubt We Find Perspective And Purpose In Delay Above All, We Find God In The Waiting With Reflective Questions And Six Bible Studies, Those Who Wait Is Ideal For Personal Devotion Or Group DiscussionAlso Suitable As An Advent Devotional RRP Praise For Those Who Wait This Is A Gentle Book Full Of Humanity, Biblical Integrity And Unexpected Humour It Hums And Brims With Hard Won Insights For Those Of Us Who Wait For Miracles, Those Who Ve Given Up Waiting For Miracles But Would At Least Appreciate A Few Answers, And Those Who Would Simply Like A Little Hope Helpfully Designed For Groups As Well As Individuals, I Have No Doubt That Those Who Wait Will Bring Comfort, Tears Of Relief, And Smiles Of Recognition To Many, Many People Pete Greig, Author Of God On Mute Engaging The Silence Of Unanswered Prayer, Spokesman For Prayer International And Pastor Of Emmaus Rd, Guildford Readers Of Those Who Wait Will Renew Their Strength, They Will Refresh Their Soul, And They Will Reconnect To Their God Prof David T Lamb, Author Of God Behaving Badly Responsibly Imaginative, Beautifully Written And Readable, Pastorally Sensitive Dr David Wenham, New Testament Tutor And Former Vice Principal Of Trinity College, Bristol A Book Which Lets The Scriptures Fire Your Imagination As You Enter Into The Faith Journeys Of Four Great Ancient Saints Mark Meynell, Author Of The Wilderness Of Mirrors Beautiful, Helpful And, Most Of All, Encouraging Katharine Welby Roberts, Author Of I Thought There Would Be Cake The Stories Made Me Cry And Made Me Smile Read It To Be Encouraged, Read It To Be Challenged, Read It To Be Comforted Dr Jenni Williams, Old Testament Tutor, Wycliffe Hall, University Of Oxford A Creative, Engaging And Timely Gift That Addresses The Universal Challenge Of Waiting On Godwritten With A Novelist S Attention To Detail Ed Cyzewski, Author Of A Christian Survival Guide And Flee, Be Silent, Pray Ultimately, It Is A Book For All Of Us, As We Wrestle With The Kingdom Of Now And Not Yet Becky Drake, Founder Of Worship For Everyone This Is A Beautiful Book Full Of Heartache, But Also Hope Emma Scrivener, Author Of A New Day And A New Name Tanya Marlow S Words Sent Me Both To My Journal And To My KneesThose Who Wait Is Such A Beautiful Invitation To Connect With Our Longing, Our Hope, Our Honesty And The God Who Meets Us In The Waiting Idelette McVicker, Founder Of SheLovesMagazine Tanya Marlow Brings Their Stories To Life, All The While Imbuing Hope And Strength In Those Of Us Who Wait Which Is Everyone, I Reckon Don T Miss It Amy Boucher Pye, Author Of Finding Myself In Britain

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