The Art of Smallfilms - The Work of Oliver Postgate &

  • The Art of Smallfilms - The Work of Oliver Postgate & Peter Firmin
  • Oliver Postgate
  • 06 October 2017
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7 thoughts on “The Art of Smallfilms - The Work of Oliver Postgate & Peter Firmin

  1. MDJ MDJ says:

    Over the years I ve found that most things related to Jonny Trunk and his celebration of the world of the aesthetics of nostalgia are well worth a look actually, even the things that initially strike me as a few shades beyond odd usually end up well worth a look listen read However, even by his high standards, this work is an absolute gem The art of Smallfilms the work of Oliver Postgate The past is a foreign country they do things differently there This book provides powerful testimony that they did and some of those things were very good indeed.

  2. David David says:

    This book is a loving tribute to the wonderful creations of Smallfilms I was expecting great things from this book and it doesn t disappoint This book is everything a fan could ever want, its a hefty 300 odd pages and chock full of fantastic high quality photography and interesting facts The book itself feels very high quality and its a thing of beauty clearly made with a lot of love Its all here including Bagpuss, the clangers, pogles wood, ivor the engine It really is an amazing insight into the world of oliver postgate and peter firmin Its a worthy archive of their wonderful work and its thanks to Jonny Trunk that it exists This would also make the ideal christmas or birthday present for a friend or loved one Like the tv shows that are included, its a book to treasure for sure.

  3. Toastlord Toastlord says:

    An absolutely amazing book that had had me completely enchanted from cover to cover It only arrived yesterday and already I ve read it all twice over, and it s something I can see myself returning to many times over As other reviewers have said it it a bargain at 25 that may sound a fair amount at first but it s a very big book packed with beautiful glossy photographs from start to finish, very high quality and lavishly printed I m sure anyone of a similar age to me that grew up with these most iconic of children s tv programmes will find it equally enthralling, and it has already proved a big hit with out 8 year old daughter who had only seen Bagpuss.I really can t praise this enough I had it on my wish list for months but never got around to purchasing as I wasn t sure if it would be worth the money Let me assure you it s worth every penny of the asking price and then some, it s a true delight from cover to cover There s some fascinating insights in the making of these programmers, and whilst there s a fair bit of text included it s the pictures that are left to really shine.

  4. Thomas Pots Thomas Pots says:

    This is a lovely book a time machine taking you right back to a truly golden age of children s TV shows It is mainly a picture book, a trawl through the Smallfilms archive, presented mainly in superb quality photographs and a smattering of words Every significant Smallfilms show is featured, with delightfully detailed images of characters and sets, from Ivor the Engine, Pogle s Wood, Noggin the Nog, The Clangers, to the legend himself, Bagpuss.We bought this as a gift for a relative who is studying animation.He absolutely loved it, because it shows how the animation was made from story boards to artwork to characters The armatures beneath all those knitted and sewn characters are revealed, too But far from robbing the characters of their magic, it adds something quite charming to them, that we see they really are homemade things from the inside out The book doesn t get technical, but there is a beautiful simplicity in Smallfilms designs, which is apparent without being the least bit technical about them.This is a wonderful book, an affectionate but not gushing look back at a small independent animation studio, which in its delightfully English way, produced some of the most iconic old school stop motion animation ever made If you buy this as a gift, you won t want to part with it It is well worth the cover price We liked it so much, we bought two copies As a footnote to all this I am amazed that Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin never received so much as an OBE for their incredible work in the field of British animation That really should be put right Oliver died without that recognition, but Peter lives on at time of writing in January 2015.

  5. helen helen says:

    A fabulous big book for all oliver postgate and peter firmin fans There are loads of character photos, drawings, scripts and sketches that are full page size It isn t one of those books that has loads of writing and you can barely see the characters you love Ivor the engine, bagpuss, clangers, pogles, noggin, tottie and pinny are all included Lots of information aswell as pictures I love it and am so glad i bought it

  6. A Place in the Orchard A Place in the Orchard says:

    A glorious book a coffee table shaped delight for anyone who grew up on the so charming work of Smallfilms, or for anyone who wishes they had Full page and full color illustrations delve deeply into the actual construction of our favorite characters, while the text though comparatively sparing sends you rocketing straight back to the planet of the Clangers to Emily s shop to the top left hand corner of Wales A magnificent tome

  7. Janis Totham-Davies Janis Totham-Davies says:

    Oh, what can I say except that any fan of Oliver Postgate should buy this book It is gorgeous and quite delightful and had me smiling and laughing all the way through it The photos are wonderful and took me back decades ago to when I sat in front of the TV and watched these fabulously, happy, funny programs and read the books

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The Art of Smallfilms - The Work of Oliver Postgate & Peter Firmin Working from a barn in Kent, Postgate and Firmin produced some of the best loved children s television of the s and s, including Bagpuss, The Clangers, Ivor The Engine and Noggin The Nog This book presents the Smallfilms archive the puppets and cut outs from these series, along with insights into how they were made It s a book full of pipe cleaners, cotton wool, wire and ping pong balls, and celebrates the imagination and ingenuity of two artists who shaped the childhoods of a generation Introduction by Jonny Trunk, Foreword by Stewart Lee Jonny Trunk has taken the astonishingly thorough archive of Smallfilms and presented it as one would a collection of artefacts in an exhibition detailing some much admired th century art movement, like Fluxus or Dada The Smallfilms partnership s sacred relics repay his trust, and our repeated viewings Stewart Lee

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Art of Smallfilms The Work of Oliver Postgate & Peter Firmin book, this is one of the most wanted Oliver Postgate author readers around the world.