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Learn New Testament Greek John Dobson Has A World Wide Reputation As A Highly Respected And Successful Teacher Of New Testament Greek This Course Has Been Taught To Groups Ranging In Size From A Few People To Over One Hundred Students, Language Students As Well As Those Who Have Never Studied A Foreign Language Before, English Speakers As Well As Those For Whom English Is A Second Language The Material Can Be Used With Equal Ease In An Intensive Six Week Course A Regular Academic Language Programme A Part Time Extension Module Self Study, Possibly With A Mentor To Develop His Innovative And Highly Effective Teaching Method, John Dobson Has Applied The Latest Research Findings On How People Learn This Third Edition Of Learn New Testament Greek Has Been Revised And Updated To Include An Accented Text It Is A Complete Student Textbook As Well As A Comprehensive Resource For Teachers

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    This is a good book to use if you want to start learning New Testament Greek, but I think you need something to complement it I bought this book in 2010, and put in on the shelf as I was busy with other things Now, I have a bit time and started using it about four weeks ago It s laid out in an easy workable format with introductions and exercises that are just about right for the beginner a

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    This is a wonderful introduction to ancient Greek It composed of short lessons in which the author teaches you new vocabulary and tenses, always consolidating your new knowledge with extracts from the New Testament It starts with the Greek alphabet, explaining the pronunciation and illustrating the easiest way to write the letters It also explains the use of diacritics little marks above the

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    I have been teaching myself New Testament Greek for a year now and this was the first book I purchased John Dobson offers some very helpful advice and initially I found the book extremely encouraging The fact that it comes with an audio CD was initially helpful and makes this book very good value He does not follow the normal systematic approach to learning a language but his approach is ind

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    At last a real helping hand for the home learner A pleasant book and a no nonsense CD It really gets you started on the vital skill of looking at Greek with a concentration on the vital word endings Someime it is helpful, indeed probably essential, to learn paradigms and word lists but this method uses just a few items of grammar, syntax and vocabulary at each stage and makes sure they sink in

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    Arrived quickly and in great condition complete with CD

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    This book is an easy to follow guide through the maze of New Testament Greek Any one serious about learning NTG will find it extremely helpful To benefit from the book, it would be best to join with a group of like minded individuals or to join a course with tutorials, but it can be mastered alone It is essential that the book is read aloud and the reader needs to read every word It is not a dip

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    Great product and highly recommended to anyone who has sought out a book on learning new testament greek This does it Of course, this won t make you a biblical greek expert, but it will give you a good start, and you feel like you are learning something from the get go, unlike many other self teaching books that spend the first 5 chapters waffling on about this and that before you even begin to le

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    A really brilliant tome for learning Koine Greek This was recommended to me by a friend who is near fluent himself.

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    This book is quite well designed for those who have little or no initial knowledge of grammar For those who have a background in Latin, German, Spanish or French which require a thorough understanding of grammar the book is a bit frustrating in providing bits and pieces of declensions, nouns without gender and conjugations all over For these readers, a traditional approach via Classical Greek would

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