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What's Up with Ashleigh? Medikidz Explain Type 1 Diabetes Ashleigh Is Hiding Quietly In A Tree Her Friends Below Are Armed With Water Pistols And If They Find Her, She Is In For A Thorough Soaking Just As Ashleigh Thinks She S Escaped A Soggy Afternoon She Starts To Feel Sleepy She S Had Lunch But Forgotten To Take Her Insulin In A Panic, She Calls A Truce And Climbs Quickly Out Of The Tree But Loses Her Footing Before Reaching The Floor And Falls She Wakes Up In Medi HQ Surrounded By The Five Superheroes They Take Her On An Adventure To Mediland To Explain Type Diabetes On The Way, They Get Caught Up In The Epic Annihilation Of The Beta Cells By The Immune System Army And Meet Some Very Disgruntled Glucose Molecules Will Their Insulin Partners Ever Turn Up, And Will They Ever Be Allowed Into The Glamorous Club Cell Will Ashleigh Make It Through The Day Without Getting Drenched Join Her To Find Out In This Exciting Medikidz Adventure

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