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A 19th Century Railway Station (Spectacular Visual Guides) Step Inside One Of The Marvels Of The Victorian Age In The Middle Of The Th Century, Steam Railways Were The Very Latest Transport Technology Fast, Comfortable If You Could Afford A First Class Ticket , Safe And Reliable Learn About This Triumph Of Engineering And About The Army Of Workers Who Laboured Long Hours To Keep It Going A Th Century Railway Station Is An Exciting And Superbly Illustrated Look At Developing Transport During One Of The Most Important Periods Of Modern History Illustrations Of Artifacts And Paintings From The Era Help To Support The Main Text By Providing Proof Which Explains How We Know What We Know Informative Captions, Maps, A Complete Glossary And An Index Make These Titles Ideal Educational Texts Each One Features A Sturdy Flexi Bound Cover With Gold Foiling

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    A slim volume but well illustrated giving 19th Century versions on aspects of rail travel familiar to us today in modern form.

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