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How to Write a Theology Essay (Latimer Briefings) So, you ve signed up for your theological studies you ve weathered the storm of those early weeks of language study you ve coped with your early forays into biblical exegesis and you ve been given a sketch of the history of the early church There s been some spiritual highs and some frustrating lows You can see perhaps just the beginnings of the benefits of the process of theological education creeping into your ministry such precious minutes of it as you can grab, anyway But sensing a deadline looming, you go to the relevant webpage on your seminary website and discover that a strange beast is lying in wait for you the theology essay How do you write a theology essay The aim of this book is to tell you how With humour and insight, Michael Jensen, who has taught theology for a number of years in the UK and Australia, explains not only what makes for a good theology essay but what makes for good theology If you want to make the most of your theological education, then this book is for you Michael Jensen D Phil, Oxon teaches at Sydney s Moore Theological College and longs for his students to have a deep understanding of the knowledge of God His previous books include Martyrdom and Identity The Self on Trial T T Clark,He is married to Catherine and they have four children

12 thoughts on “How to Write a Theology Essay (Latimer Briefings)

  1. Elliot Vanderhyde Elliot Vanderhyde says:

    It was a pretty fun journey to have started with minimum Understanding I have walked the faith out using this book to assess where I ve gone wrong For the sake of light reading I was amazed.

  2. Mr. S. J. Mckee Mr. S. J. Mckee says:

    This is a light, funny and friendly guide to the theology student and a very brief accessible guide for those new or considering studying theology

  3. Jen Jen says:

    I really enjoyed this book It gave me such a different insight to writing an theology essay I would recommend this book, if you are studying theology.

  4. Aaron Aaron says:

    If you want the answer to the question where do I start this will help in providing that answer Clear and short with some really sound advice also with some hints and tips as to how to boost your marks slightly.

  5. Mr Denis Haywood Mr Denis Haywood says:

    This is a essential guide, with plenty of helps along the journey to enhance the writing of good piece of work.

  6. p.sharpe p.sharpe says:

    This helped me enormously with my 1st essay in 50 years.

  7. David Webster David Webster says:

    What an excellent little book Witty and informative Good summaries at end of chapters.

  8. Matt Smith Matt Smith says:

    Cannot recommend this book enough It is written with wit and humour and was a breeze soaking up the wise and insightful tips the author offered.

  9. Ijakdo Ijakdo says:

    Prof Jensen s little book should be required reading for 1st year seminarians or Bible college freshmen How come no professor explained these to us I always and still think these essay grades are highly subjective But it is what it is and this book explains what students should know about WHY and HOW not so much of how to s but as a big picture to write theological essays.My only regret is, I read it too late After 2 theological degrees.

  10. Christopher L. Ross Christopher L. Ross says:

    This is a great little book full of tips and advice for theological study If l had this when I studied l might have got better marks. LOL. Do yourself a favour and get this book.

  11. Called Called says:

    The content was interesting the whole way through It was very helpful A few typos here and there but good, nonetheless I did enjoy his use of humor in his explanations and example.

  12. 1blessedbabe 1blessedbabe says:


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