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Planet Hulk Omnibus Banished to another planet by those he called his friends, the Hulk faces his most dangerous challenge to date Captured, enslaved and forced to fight in the gladiatorial contests of the Great Arena at the whim of the planet s merciless ruler, the Red King, the Hulk faces his ultimate challenge to rise and free an oppressed people or to give in to the monster within and destroy all This is a must read for any Marvel fan as it sets everything up for Marvel s big event ofWorld War Hulk

About the Author: Greg Pak

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Planet Hulk Omnibus book, this is one of the most wanted Greg Pak author readers around the world.

6 thoughts on “Planet Hulk Omnibus

  1. Andrew O. Andrew O. says:

    The Planet Hulk Omnibus is something very special to me, First off Planet Hulk collects Incredible Hulk 92 105 and Planet Hulk Gladiator s Guidebook which just gives detail into the world, characters and some lore, I haven t read it yet but it s nice to have I just finished it and as soon as I finished it I m glad I purchased World War Hulk at the same time to read right away I wouldn t say I m really a big Hulk fan but bought some graphic novels comics to hopefully grow a new appreciation for him and it s working, not my favourite but he s growing on me, especially with this story Planet Hulk delivers on all fronts, with strong writing from Greg Pak who gives these great characters depth and emotion with great pacing and action as well With illustrations by Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti complimenting this alien world and capturing the vibes while being able to display emotion and stellar action.The concept is great and I loved it, in a nutshell Hulk is betrayed by his friends on earth and put on a ship and sent away from the Earth because he s too dangerous Hulk eventually arrives on another planet ruled by an evil king, Hulk weakened by the crash is captured as a prisoner and sold off eventually becoming a gladiator This is a tale of freeing a planet from evil rule while making new friends and growing together along the way There are surprises in the story and some parts will pull on the heart strings.It was a real treat to get to sit and read this and be immersed in this story and world and it s one of the best I ve read so far and I will definitely be coming back to read it again If you are on the fence about this omnibus, for the price you can t go wrong, this price for a rich, deep and compelling story is worth it Even desirable if you are a fan of Hulk I d say pick this up, you ll be glad you did.Hopefully you found this review helpful and happy reading.

  2. Mr. T. E. Rochester Mr. T. E. Rochester says:

    I haven t read much Hulk at all, but that didn t matter with this book.Having read The Road to Civil War, this book explains what happens next to the Hulk after he is blasted into space by his friends.As a Hulk novice, this book was perfect for me.Little or no previous knowledge of Hulk or his universe is required he lands on a new planet, and the reader is as much a stranger to this place and its people as he is.The plot is fairly basic evil dictator emperor, Hulk smash leads a rebellion, results, but the characterisation is great, as the variety of aliens on this planet add multiple layers of depth to this.The ending leads up to the World War Hulk series.The only downside I felt was the Gladiator Guidebook to Sakaar at the back of this volume It gives a very in depth account of the history of the planet and its people, but having read the preceding issues, I felt it would ve benefitted from being dispersed throughout rather than collected together at the back Some of the issues history in the book would ve made sense if I d been able to read parts of this first Nevertheless, it adds a great level of detail to a great story.

  3. Ron Ron says:

    Halfway through it Planet Hulk is seriously epic, deep and full of lore it includes a nice amount of it at the end of the book and this thick omnibus collects the entire arc from start to finish, for the right price in a high quality paperback edition The art is amazing, some of the best I have seen in a modern graphic novel I have seen the Planet Hulk cartoon before but the original comic is much complex and interesting After finishing this I must read World War Hulk

  4. M J. Tucker M J. Tucker says:

    Betrayed on earth Hulk is sent spinning into space wit hthe plan to crash land himn on an empty planet as Reed Richards has a hand in this it does not work, he crashes on a world at war.I know i wont be spoling the story to say that this is Hulks life from crash landing on an alien planet and his journey from slave gladiator to rebel and king, along the way he destroys and smashes everything that tries to stop him.This is the Hulk as the Hulk should be, he can talk and reason and has his own agenda not Banner s mind in Hulk s body but Hulk as Hulk The ending is classic Hulk, and has left me wanting .The only thing about the otherwise faultless story is there is no indication of the passage of time aside from Hulk s hair growing back he could of been there days, or months or years, i still give this five stars as like a persian rug there must be one fault you will not be disappointed.

  5. Brandon Lee Brandon Lee says:

    It s a great book I finally get to see what all the hype was about, haven t read it all just yet only the first few pages I m in no rush still waiting for world war Hulk to arrive between May 1 11, I m a big fan of the hulk and any fan of his would throughly enjoy these storylines I m also currently collecting the peter david collection There s a bit wear and tear on the cover which is expected with it being old, but there s no rips in any of the pages so I can t complain I liked my thank you card and maoam stripe so 5 stars from me.

  6. HexDSL HexDSL says:

    So much fun I can t quite see how they can call this an Omnibus when you compare it to other Marvel Omnibus titles its very much just a thick trade paperback but its a GREAT read some of the best Hulk i have ever read and a truly tragic story don t be fooled though this is very much half a story you need to read World War Hulk to get all of it.I would have preferred this and World War Hulk to be bound together and paid for it then it would be a true omnibus

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