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Central Heating: Installation, Maintenance and Repair An Intelligent Readers Guide To Selecting, Installing, Troubleshooting And Managing A Heating System The Book Is Based On UK Rules And Equipment, But Since The Text Explains How The Component Parts Of The System Work, The Principles Can Be Applied Widely The Practical Approach Includes The Design And Installation Of A Working Heating System The Book Is Well Illustrated And Has Some Thoughtful With Fault Diagnosis And Trouble Shooting Tables To Help Avoid Much Inconvenience And Possibly Save A Fortune On Plumbers This Book Gives A Detailed Explanation Of The Design And Operation Of Wet Central Heating Systems These Are Systems That Distribute Heat From A Central Heater Throughout A Building By Moving Hot Water Other Systems Such As Dry Electric, Masonry Heaters And Steam Based Are Also Described The Necessary Information To Design A System, Select Appropriate Components, Install And Commission It Properly, Maintain It, Diagnose Faults And Repair Them Is Included Details Of A Wide Variety Of Technologies Are Given Because Of The Range Of Systems Currently In Operation Included Are Chapters On The History And Development Of Central Heating Health And Safety The Different System Components Plumbing Techniques The Principles Of Heat Control Systems Fault Diagnosis And Lime Scale, Corrosion And Their Control Though Some Of The Concepts Are Complex Explanations Are Based On The First Principles So As To Be Accessible To Any Interested Reader The Book Will Be Of Use To Plumbers, DIY Enthusiasts, Architects, Landlords, And Householders Who Choose And Use Central Heating Systems

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    There s quite a lot of information in this book, but not enough, and the book contains HUNDREDS of typographical errors, some serious In one place the caption to a photograph says the exact opposite of the equivalent statement in the text Most of the diagrams are also inade

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    Purchased this book to find out how the central heating and water system worked within the home Thankfully the pictures which outlined the component parts and what they did, explained enough for me to undertake the job and repair which would have been a very costly job if I had calle

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    Good book if you know nothing but as most people only have one type of heating source, then another book specific to your own fuel source would be better Covers oil gas electric I only needed it for oil, and still had to research other publications to get all the info I needed.m

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    It s ok not as detailed as I d expect for the price

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    Tho book is handy for older systems, other than that fairly irrelevant now.

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    I used to do plumbing and central heating installations over 30 years ago and wanted a book with the latest info This has it in spades Cracking book First class and highly recommended if you want to know how your system works or you are updating it I d give it 10 stars if it was available No pretty pictures in it but what

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    Bigger than many such books it is well written and appears comprehensive I picked up several important points which I wasn t aware of despite having done amateur plumbing successfully for many years.

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    Full of information and Tips

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