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POTTER'S FREEDOM, THE What Is Dr Geisler Warning The Christian Community About In His Book, Chosen But FreeA New Cult Secularism False Prophesy Scenarios No Dr Geisler Is Sounding The Alarm About A System Of Beliefs Commonly Called Calvinism He Insists That This Belief System Is Theologically Inconsistent, Philosophically Insufficient, And Morally Repugnant This Book Is Written As A Reply To Dr Geisler, But Is Much It Is A Defense Of The Very Principles Upon Which The Protestant Reformation Was Founded

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    Really excellent book by Dr white draws a line under all the arguments cover the Gambitexcellent

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    Bought for my husband Arrived in good as new quality and in great packaging.

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    Excellent read and clear argument for the Reformed position on the Sovereignty of God Thus has helped me to better understand Calvinist position and persuaded me towards it, also helps me in my theological deba

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    James goes into a lot of details and explains things very well starting with God instead of man which many seem to do In the beginning God

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    Great resource

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    Basic Reformed theology explained clearly, concisely, and without compromise.

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    I got this book in order to answer a friend who demanded that I read Norman Geisler s Chosen but Free This book provides many answers to verses cited by Arminians and semi Pelagian denying the sovereignty of God in salvation This

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    Among bible believers and users, the author is infamous for his awful book against the KJV This book is on about the same moral level I never would have purchased it, but I read debating calvinism and saw this in a second hand book sho

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