É Bathroom Installations: A Complete Guide - Planning,

Bathroom Installations: A Complete Guide - Planning, Managing and Completing Your Installation Those wanting to update their homes, either by refurbishing their existing bathrooms, or by installing an additional bathroom, or a cloakroom, have often found it a very complex business and have had difficulty in obtaining practical, well informed, independent advice

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bathroom Installations: A Complete Guide Planning, Managing and Completing Your Installation book, this is one of the most wanted Richard Moss author readers around the world.

5 thoughts on “Bathroom Installations: A Complete Guide - Planning, Managing and Completing Your Installation

  1. Robert Groom Robert Groom says:

    This book is thankfully modern It was written in 2007, and its contents are still very much up to date in 2009 It is also specifically UK focused, which is another very important piece of information American home improvement plumbing publications abound, but are of limited use to UK readers.Its contents include the selection, situation and conceptial plumbing of common bathroom fittings such as baths, showers, sinks, toilets and taps It considers the space required around a unit and any legal requirements therein, and considerations for ventilation, water pressure and temperature If you intend to design a bathroom using this as your guide, and then hand your plans over to a qualified plumber to complete the actual installation, this book should suffice perfectly, and will ensure that you don t fall foul of physical and regulatory limitations For this kind of information this book excels in its clarity and content.If however, you are looking for a guide showing you step by step exactly how to install a bathroom, you will not find any such information in this book It goes as far as to show basic schematics of fittings installed in situ, but knowledge on how you may actually go about cutting and bending pipework, wiring a power shower, routing a waste pipe or laying tiling will need to be taken from other sources This would not have been a problem had the book s subtitle not proudly boasted A Complete Guide Planning, Managing and Completing Your Installation For this reason, I have deducted one star I believe the words Completing Your Installation should have been excluded here.

  2. Angela W Angela W says:

    This is a great book for those who intend to install a bathroom or shower, with great idea and tips.

  3. Philip K Philip K says:

    prompt delivery as described excellent.

  4. Prone Prone says:

    I d give this book 3 stars were it not for the price I paid 12.67 and for that it s really a pretty small book It s less than 140 pages and it s dimensions are smaller than a kids comic annual I bought it hoping to supplement my ageing copy of the excellent Collins DIY manual by bringing me up to date and filling in some gaps on specific bathroom areas It went some way in this but sadly left some big holes.It s not a DIY manual and thanks to another review I wasn t expecting one Having said that it does contain bits of DIY information including a list of tools required, how to put in a bath, remove taps and quite a lot But it never goes all the way and as soon as the going gets a bit technical it just says consult a qualified plumber This is somewhat frustrating if you intend to do the job yourself but unnecessary if you re hiring someone to do it all for you I don t know if some people intend to do the half an installation themselves and then hiring a plumber to finish off but that seems a very odd way of doing things to me.Most of the book focuses on baths, sanitaryware ie toilets and basins , brassware ie taps and three chapters on showers shower trays, shower enclosures and shower controls and kits What seemed totally missing was any discussion of decor and styling which should be surely included in a book claiming to be A Complete Guide There is so much choice around wall and floor coverings for instance In one part of the book it recommends tiling or decorating the whole room first and then fitting the bath, basin etc afterwards But it gives no details of how this should be done If you do things this way round you can t even get started using this book I was specifically interested in the different ways to hide pipes and whether skirting boards were no longer necessary in bathrooms Similarly absent was information on electrics which are very specific to bathrooms The book could really have done with a whole chapter on this but again it was sadly missing.The book has plenty of photos and diagrams The diagrams were fairly good The photos weren t really inspirational pictures but to illustrate the different styles of fitting eg corner baths, shower baths etc.Overall this book has some value but is also very limited and should not be considered A Complete Guide as it s subtitle asserts You can read through it very quickly and because it left me with questions than answers I wouldn t recommend it.

  5. A. LEA A. LEA says:

    A really good guide to everything you need to know about installing a bathroom We looked at a few different ones when deciding what do with ours and this was the best Answers all those tricky technical questions so you know what you re talking about when it gets down to booking workmen and holds your hand if you want to do it yourself It also helps sort out those design conundrums.

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