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Star Trek Shipyards: The Klingon Fleet Featuring The Ships Of The Klingon Fleet From Their First Appearance In The Original TV Series Through The Hit New Series Star Trek DiscoveryTHIRTY KLINGON SHIPS INCLUDING FOURTEEN SHIPS FROM STAR TREK DISCOVERY This Volume Features Ships Of The Klingon Fleet, From The Nd To The Th Century Opening With The Klingon Defense Force Bird Of Prey An Essential Part Of The Fleet Since The Empire First Achieved Space Flight The Book Features Thirty Ships, Including The D Class Battle Cruiser, The Sarcophagus, The Raptor And The Late Th Century IKS Negh Var With Technical Details, Operational Histories And Annotated Plan Views, The Book Shows The Evolution And Development Of The Fleet In Sumptuous CG Renders, And Is The Most Comprehensive Collection Of Klingon Ships Ever Produced The Star Trek Shipyards Series Provides Star Trek Fans With The First Ever Chronological History Of The Starships From The Television And Film Series In This Third Volume, The Ships Of The Klingon Fleet Are Explored From Their First Appearances In All The Star Trek Television Series Through Their Most Recent Appearances In The Hit New Series Star Trek Discovery

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    Although informative, and not having seen the latest Star Trek series, I found most of the artwork overpowering.I didn t not know the Klingons went in for such fancy designs However, my main gripe about the book was the % _ sticker on the dust cover I decided to order another one from the producer of this series of Star Tre

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    The book is great, but can you tell the printers to stop putting the stupid stickers on the front cover The sticker will not come off and wrecks the look of the book.

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    The book is great and a fantastic addition to the series However, the front cover is ruined by a large red sticker.I tried to remove it, but it tears into tiny pieces Very disappointed that this beautiful book is ruined by a simple sticker that is not really needed and could have been placed on the outer wrap rather than the

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    The book itself is nice, but I just cannot believe that book manufacturers ruin the front cover with ugly stickers that are IMPOSSIBLE to remove Just beyond belief.

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    Brilliant book, includes the ships fromEnterprise, discovery, star trek original series, next gen deep space 9Lots of detail

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