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Electric Motors in the Home Workshop (Workshop Practice) A very comprehensive guide to the technicalities of running a three phase motor on single phase supply.For a layman like myself the maths was a bit daunting. Plenty of advice and info for beginners and experienced engineering hobbyists and professionals Maybe not quite as much useful information as I have been used to from this series of books Could do with less time spend on obscure motor types that the typical workshop owner is unlikely to encounter or have any practical interest in and time on actual milling machines, lathes etc Still worth a read however, and inexpensive I got most of the answers I was looking for from this book. Engineering book A great little book, simply written, with diagrams for the beginner. Thanks to this book I was able to wire up a reversing switch for my lathe and convert a three phase pillar drill to single phase for around 20 Very very useful information clearly written with supporting diagrams and even maplin part numbers although I think these might be out of date I can t recommend this book highly enough for the price valid book with all information about electric motors The Author S Earlier Book Electric Motors Workshop Practice Series No Described The Basic Principles Of Operation And Methods Of Application Of The Wide Range Of Motor Types Likely To Be Encountered In Small Scale Engineering This Book Provides Additional Information About Popular Workshop Applications For Motors Detailed Advice Is Given On How To Identify And Make Good Use Of Discarded And Surplus Motors From Both Domestic And Industrial Sources And Also How To Operate Three Phase Motors From Single Phase Supplies Examples Are Given Of Actual Workshop Applications And Conversions, And On Battery Supplies For The Use Of Motors In Mobile Projects

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