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The Making of Sculpture This is a historical and technical guide to the materials and techniques of European sculpture, based on the collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London Casting, carving and modelling practices are explored within a historical perspective, from medieval times onwards Edited by Marjorie Trusted, and with a foreword by Paul Williamson, the book contains a series of chapters by specialist staff at the VAChapterby Norbert Jopek , looks at working practices of sculptorsChapterby Alexandra Corney looks at waxChapterby Wendy Fisher at terracottaChapterby Fisher, Melissa Hamnett and Peta Motture at bronze and lead Chapterby Lucy Cullen, Fisher, Hamnett and Trusted at medals and plaquettesChapterby Trusted at marble and stoneChapterby Fergus Cannan at alabasterChapterby Jopek and Trusted at ivory and boneChapterby Jopek and Sofia Marques at woodChapterby Cullen, Jopek and Trusted at semi precious materials Chapterby Diane Bilbey and Ruth Cribb at plaster models, plaster casts, electrotypes and fictile ivories, while the final chapter, by Jopek, examines the subject of fakesBeautiful colour photography highlights the collections and illustrates contemporary workshop practices This is an essential guide for anyone with an interest in sculpture

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