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Life on Air Bought this book as a gift Very disappointed as the print is extremely small, I couldn t even read it with my glasses on Too late to return it and I noticed that the person I gave it to has left it on the book shelf in the same place as when I gave it to her There should be a warning to people in the discription. I just adore him and all he does What a man THANK YOU for all your work and dedication to our planet. Content I m sure is fine The font size must only be 6 crazily small magnifying glass needed. Autobiographies come and go but Life on Air by Sir David Attenborough, the greatest communicator the world has known is without doubt a must read I buy this book as gifts for people that are passionate about the natural world and it never fails to raise a laugh and impress. I woud love to give this book 5 stars as I m sure it s an amazing book but unfortunately the print is so small I m unable to read it I tried to give it to my book club but they couldn t read the print either Why use such small print. I ordered this on 6th December as a Christmas present for my father Estimated delivery 13th Dec Loaded on the van at St Neots Cambs at 11 am on 11th Dec a distance of 13 15 miles to me Eventually arrived here late evening on 23rd Dec.In the meantime had re sent another to me which arrived on 24th Dec and was returned to.I suppose, that when you take into account the volume of parcels shipped out by there will always be the odd errant parcel so I was probably just unlucky.However, the book itself is an astonishing look at David Attenborough and his life in the media If Jimmy Saville was still alive, I would want Jim ll fix it to fix it for my father and me to meet this giant of the natural broadcasting world Worth EVERY moment of waiting Highly recommended. Really AWESOME If you like David Attenborough you will love this It tells his adventures starting from his early days with the BBC so is fascinating about animals, early BBC and David himself. David Attenborough Is One Of The Most Influential And Admired Figures In English Television When 26, He Applied For A Job In The BBC Which Then Meant Radio And Was Promptly Turned Down But Someone Saw His Rejected Application And Asked, Would He Like To Try Television He Would, And Sixty Years Later, He Is Still At It Elegantly Told, Often Very Funny, Here Is His Story.At Home There Is His Rise To Controlling BBC2, Introducing Colour Television To Britain, Encounters With Montgomery, Anthony Eden, Singers, Athletes, Explorers, The Queen, Benjamin Britten Abroad There Are People Just As Remarkable, Journeys Up Tropical Rivers, To The Interior Of New Guinea Or The Australian Outback, Dragons, Birds Of Paradise, Flying Snakes And Walls Of Cockroaches.Now Updated To Cover His Work Since 2009, Life On Air Is A Remarkable Account Of David Attenborough S Passion For The Natural World And His Lifelong Quest To Understand It

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