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The Autistic Brain Bought this out of a need for some understanding of Autism A fascinating read, factual and a book everyone should read Found myself questioning my own self and truly gave me a better understanding The Autistic Brain is very well written, informative and inspiring read and relevant for everyone interested in the topic Dr Grandin has a fantastic way of communicating her ideas, oftentimes in pictures as per her way of thinking very straightforward, very specific and very relevant information on how the autistic brain translates into different type of thinking and functioning It has given me new hope that there are great thinkers around us contributing with valuable findings Thank you Dr Grandin. A brilliant book full of positivity and ways to understand how the autistic mind works, build on the strengths that autism brings and build a life for yourself I am a psychotherapist and I sometimes work with clients with high performing autism This book helped me to think about how relate to clients on the autistic spectrum and how to engage in a positive and non judgemental way I would recommend it to other therapists. Just the tonic to understand my grandson Probably my favourite book on the science of the autistic brain and development I do think Temple Grandin has a wonderful way with words even in these scientifically difficult territories Antony Morris Seminal piece of work, should be a part of the curriculum for all health professionals An Extraordinary Source Of Inspiration For Autistic Children, Their Parents And All People TimeIt S Estimated That One In Almost A Hundred People Are Diagnosed As Being On The Autistic Spectrum But There Is Far Hope For Them Today Than Ever Before Thanks To Groundbreaking New ResearchIn This Fascinating And Highly Readable Book, Temple Grandin Offers Her Own Experience As An Autistic Person Alongside Remarkable New Discoveries About The Autistic Brain, As Well As Genetic Research She Also Highlights Long Ignored Sensory Problems As Well As The Need To Treat Autism Symptom By Symptom, Rather Than With An Umbrella Diagnosis Most Exciting Of All, She Argues That Raising And Educating Children On The Autistic Spectrum Needs To Be Less About Focusing On Their Weaknesses, And About Fostering Their Unique Contributions

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