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SHEPHERD PSALM, THE I was given this having recently recovered from a life threatening operation where I was asked if I wanted resuscitation it things went wrong So I immediately wanted to read on the Valley of the Shadow of Death I was not disappointed Good exposition and application Memorise this Psalm for your comfort in extremis. The Words Of The Psalm Are Still Fresh, Even Though They Were Written Three Thousand Years Ago We May Have Sung The Psalm Innumerable Times, And May Know The Words Off By Heart, Yet Here That We Will See It In A Whole New Light Meyer Has Produced A Gentle Informative Work That Challenges Us To Take This Psalm And Use It As Foundation Stone For Our Life. This devotional classic analyses each phrase of the 23rd Psalm, reading it through the light of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ The book will renew and restore the meaning of the Psalm to the reader with an open heart I say restored and renewed because this is a Psalm so often quoted and used that it could have become dulled and diluted for some But this book will unlock its energy through the unforced spirituality and love of its prolific writer, also a pastor, speaker and bible teacher of his day 1847 1929 Some readers will find the style and tone dated, but the warmth and universality of the teaching will transcend that And the lyrical, barely contained excitement of the prose is a joy to read. Excellent book as advertised There are many books and only so many hours available to read them Pretty much every book by FB Meyer is worth your time, and this short one on Psalm 23 surely is I suggest reading it as a devotional, spring boarding off of each section to spend time yourself studying each sentence I have studied Psalm 23 before, but this time was so much richer for having read this book. An excellent book that is both inspirational and challenging in my walk with God Even though the book was written over a hundred years ago, it is still timely for today s living I would highly recommend this book O, can t say enough about this book please buy it I have learned so much about our Father in the last five 5 years by incorporating this Psalm into my live and this book even helped me further with this quest. Beautiful account of such an important psalm to those who have desperately sought God, the Great Shepherd Meyer moved me so much emotionally on a spiritual level that I had to read and re read every chapter Psalm 23 was so much than a psalm to the author it was his breath and comfort and hope I will read this book again and again. I first read The Shepherd Psalm from an original tome that I had purchased in a bookstore in Maine It was the Pastel Edition and had been given as a Christmas gift to someone 100 years ago in the year 1906 It was so incredible to read F.B Meyer s insight on Psalm 23 that I quickly became a fan of his Meyer s writing inspires comfort and beauty and is as inviting today as it was over 100 years ago I ordered a copy for each person on our staff and also ordered other books by this late, great saint

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