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Sustainable Home Refurbishment (Earthscan Expert Series) A Retro Fit Offers Many Benefits Cutting Electricity And Heating Bills, Increasing The Resale Value Of Homes, Slashing Carbon Emissions And Creating A Healthier Place To Live This Book Is The Guide To Making It Happen It Looks At Draught Proofing, Insulation And Damp Ventilation, Heating And Cooling Electrical Efficiency And Renewable Energy Water Use And Re Use Materials Life Cycles And Incorporating Nature Protection From Climate Change Impacts Modelling Energy Flows And Embodied Energy How We Can Meet The Need To Cut Carbon Emissions From Dwellings By Eighty Percent By Projects Can Apply To Apartment Blocks, Recent Builds And Older, Solid Walled Properties Enlivened With Helpful Diagrams And Photographs, Plus Plenty Of Pointers For Further Information, It Provides A Comprehensive Resource Handbook For Any Building Professional And Contractor, Students Or Any Homeowner Serious About Efficiency Cash And Carbon Savings

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    Hardcover edition is very practical The writing is clear, and backed by extensive references listed at the end of each chapter should you wish to dig deeper on a particular topic There are tables and diagrams on every page, soI think would be much harder to read on the Kindle version if you were re

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    Great book A must have Also the hardcover edition is really nice

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    Was really helpful when I was research for my dissertation,easy to understand IE user friendly

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    This book is an absolutely excellent guide to energy saving retrofits for houses in the UK It is by a long way the best book I have read on the subject A great feature of the book is that it deals only with retrofit, not new builds, so it provides much focused information than many similar books It also provides a

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    Well researched and written book by David Thorpe This book provides you detailed information in a very simplistic way David has divided the book into sections which makes a reader understand the problem at micro and then macro level as well.People who are in this field and those who just want to understand sustainable hom

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    Offers a sound technical review of the details required by practitioners.Spot on for UK weather and typical detailing OK for northern Europe, but watch out if you are in warmer climates For those take care to reverse the vapour barrier locations.

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