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New 11GL Verbal Reasoning Practice Book & Assessment Tests - Ages 10-11 (with Online Edition) (CGP 11GL) My son is due to sit his 11 Pre Tests at the start of his new school year The 11 test is undertaken by selective state Grammar Schools and for entry into Independent Schools in the private sector.They are a little difficult than the SATs Though revision isn t encouraged by the examining board in the private sector I believe the schools themselves, recommend some work is done in the holidays leading up to the exams.We have now amassed quite a collection of revision material Of late, particularly, the 11 material.CGP is our go to brand.As a teacher in my youth, I relied on their material to teach children from underprivileged backgrounds Their explanations, examples, practise material and answers are all to a very high, excellent standard Their content and expertise, in my humble opinion has gone even better with time The structure of the books have certainly improved.Back in my teaching days, I noticed a huge difference in the ability of the children, when taught in small groups, using CGP In most cases, upping considerably their predictive and actual grades.As a parent now having tested other brands too I keep coming back to CGP These revision cards, aling with the ten minute practise books though are so well thought out.This particular book covers background test like question progressively getting difficult Both to remind the young minds and to broaden their knowledge on the set topic.The answer section is just as helpful not only are the answers plain to see but the explanations under each answer is worth its weight in gold Particularly for us adult, having last looked at the topic many years ago This material, though great as stand alone revision are also an incredible help to have alongside the afore mentioned, CGP 10 Minute Practise Books and Practise Question Cards As you can use the cards to do targeted revision on any areas of focus they re so simple to use this way, as the cards are split neatly into categories which you can slot out Easy to transport too and have already accompanied us to the local coffee shop, car rides and after school adventures.I hope you ve found this review as useful as we are finding this set. With Its Huge Range Of Verbal Reasoning Questions For Ages , This Book Is An Excellent Way To Prepare For The Test And Other Selective Entrance Exams The First Section Of The Book Focuses On One Topic At A Time To Help Children Gain Understanding And Confidence This Is Followed By Six Realistic Assessment Tests To Improve Their Speed And Accuracy Across A Wide Range Of Questions And If They Get Stuck Or Go Wrong, The Detailed Pull Out Answers Make It Easy To Understand The Reasoning Behind The Questions Multiple Choice Answer Sheets For The Assessment Tests Are Available To Download From The CGP Website This Book Is Ideal For The Tests Set By GL Assessment And Other Test Providers, And Provides Excellent Practice For The Kent Test A Separate Edition For The CEM Tests Is Also Available What S , A Free Online Edition Of The Whole Book Is Included Just Use The Unique Access Code Printed Inside The Cover To Access It On A PC, Mac Or Tablet What S , A Free Online Edition Of The Whole Book Is Included Just Use The Unique Access Code Printed Inside The Cover To Access It On A PC, Mac Or Tablet CGP have come out with a great range of new 11 books, designed to stretch, challenge and test your child for forthcoming entry examinations This particular practice book focuses on verbal reasoning for GL assessment, for entry into grammar schools.GL are used in around half the selective secondary schools and local authorities in England and N Ireland There is an online code on the flyleaf which can only be used once to access this edition on a PC, Mac or tablet.This book is in effect a puzzle book and is divided into sections prior to taking 6 timed, progressively harder, assessment tests at the end The sections include the alphabet making words, word meanings, maths and sequences, logic and coding.I personally particularly enjoyed the coding section where in one challenge the pupil is introduced to letter patterns and needs to match letters to digits to form a code The pupil is then tested by writing out numbers in place of letters to form words or forming words from given digits This book is aimed at the 10 11 year old and even if your child is not sitting entrance examinations, this will certainly keep the brain active and thinking.There are pull out explanatory answers at the back of the book together with a progress chart. This is a book of verbal reasoning practice questions and assessment tests for GL exam board 11 tests for age 10 11 Be aware that you must check before you purchase that this is the actual test your child is sitting As far as I can find out from my own research, schools in the following areas use the GL exam board Dorset, Kent, Lancashire, Cumbria Lincolnshire, Medwa,y Northern Ireland and one of the schools in Wiltshire The rest, from what I can gather use CEM, except Devon, Essex, Hetfordshire, Trafford and Yorkshire which use both CEM and GL The main difference appears to be in the exam papers which for GL may be mixed whereas CEM the topics are separated I have read that for GL strong vocabulary, logic, maths and spelling skills are required and for CEM tests strong English, comprehension, vocabulary spelling and maths are required From my research, to be successful in CEM verbal reasoning tests children need to have a much wide ranging vocabulary I must emphasise how important it is to check with your childs school though, as in some areas even the above guidance can possibly vary. These CGP books are very good Our children are happy to work through them, and, as parents, we find it really helpful to know what is covered in the curriculum.At the start of the book are pages of practice questions covering different topics of the syllabus The questions get harder down the page, and are great to discovering which topics your child needs help with The second part of the book lists 50 minute assessment tests At the back of the book is a detachable book with answers and clear explanations.The book also includes a code for accessing an on line version of the book You will need to register with CGP to access the on line version, and it cannot be downloaded however, I found the interface for the on line book simple to use and rendering was clear and easy to adjust. CGP revision books are often thought to be the best on the market This just under A4 sized paperback practice book for the 11 plus Verbal Reasoning is a great example I myself many years ago struggled with the concept of verbal reasoning, so found the questions, advice and very well worked answers to be very helpful I am sure this practice book will help many 10 to 11 year olds get of an understanding of verbal reasoning There is a help online version too Recommend. Good It is helpful

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