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Star Trek: Picard Official Collector's Edition A nice companion to the series, featuring glossy photos and interviews with the cast, writers, and producer. A Behind The Scenes Guide To The Highly Anticipated Upcoming New Star Trek TV Show Based On Fan Favorite Captain Of The Enterprise, Jean Luc Picard A Deluxe Collector S Edition Offering A Behind The Scenes Guide To The Brand New Star Trek TV Show, Following The Adventures Of Patrick Stewart S Fan Favourite Star Trek Character, Jean Luc Picard It s basically a public relations press puff piece Has some interviews with the main actors and producers Thought it might give me some insight As to what they were trying to do with this series Kind of disappointing like the TV series. This companion to the series is superb with wonderful pictures and behind the scenes info, it is a Must for any fan of Star Trek. All Titan releases are full colour hard back and have interviews with cast and production staff This one is no different, worth the 15.

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