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Mindhunter: Inside the FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit (Now A Netflix Series) Obsessed With Netflix S Mindhunter Celebrate The Launch Of Season With The Bestselling True Story Of How One Underfunded FBI Team Became The First To Explore The Dark World Of Serial MurderersJohn Douglas Is A Former FBI Special Agent And Expert In Criminal Profiling And Behavioural Science He Made A Career Of Looking Evil In The Eye And Understanding It No Wonder That He Was The Inspiration For Special Agent Jack Crawford In The Silence Of The Lambs, As Well As The Film S Consultant On The Reality Of Serial KillersDouglas Invented And Established The Practice Of Criminal Profiling, And Submerged Himself In The World Of Serial Killers In A Quest To Understand Why They Killed, And To Help Prevent Innocent Lives From Being Ended By Future Killers As His Serial Crime Unit Developed From A Derided Two Bit Operation In A Dingy Officer To One Of The FBI S Elite Task Forces, Douglas Personally Confronted The Most Terrible Crimes Of The Age, Including Those Of Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy And The Atlanta Child MurdererWith The Fierce Page Turning Power Of A Bestselling Novel, Yet Terrifyingly True, Mindhunter Is A True Crime Classic John Douglas Knows About Serial Killers Than Anybody In The World Jonathan Demme, Director Of The Silence Of The Lambs A Cracker Of A Book Esquire

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    I was very disappointed in this book, many people were recommending it and seemed to be rating it highly, but now I understand that it was trending because of a Netflix show I wanted to learn about forensic investigation and criminal profiling, it seemed with the writers experience who would have a wealth of knowledge, but I wasted hours of my time on this book wit

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    I find forensic psychology absolutely fascinating and this book just fuelled my interest The book is well written and maps the history of the FBI unit as well as John Douglas career It is informative and very interesting.I like that the book has cases I had not heard of before we have all read famous cases over and over and it gets dull However, I would have liked to hav

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    What should have been a really interesting read is marred by the fact that Douglas is so self congratulating its detracts from the cases He only goes very loosely into how the profiles are formed most of the time he seems to just magically come up with the goods and he s always right Too much about the journey of the man and not enough about the science for my liking

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    I purchased this book recently having read the rave reviews received for the series of the same name on Netflix I am an avid thriller reader and fascinated by most things related to crime so found this account by John Edward Douglas who is a former United States Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI agent and one of the first criminal profilers a very informative read He recounts so

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    Enjoying the book after watching the series It started a little off with, for me, too many details of the author s life when he met his wife, difficulties in the marriage, kids, borefest. but eventually we got round to the nitty gritty of it all and it is fascinating to get a glimpse on how to work out a suspect identity from a few clues Quite tough in parts but the subject is not ligh

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    As a fan of true crime I ve read many books and some even about the cases described in the book A real insight into how and what is done in investigative science and written brilliantly well While sometimes not for the faint hearted I recommend anyone with an interest is this area gives it a read

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    I read Whoever fights monsters by Robert Ressler years and years ago and found it gripping I ve recently watched Mindhunter and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I bought this book.I have to say I m struggling with it John Douglas comes across as a bit of a merchant banker see cockney rhyming slang I m on page 84 and I m waiting for it to get beyond the constant I m so cool and hilarious stories.Credit

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