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Brutally Honest I had to read this book in stages as its quite enraging I understand about abusive relationships and trauma binding with toxic partners so i do completely appreciate why she went back to Stephen but that doesn t make it easy to read, i knew it was going to happen but i still had to have some time away from the book before i could pick it back up again.I think i was expecting scandal and name dropping but it wasn t as honest as i thought it would be, for Eddie Murphy to cut her off like that because she needed space from the relationship didn t ring true to me and i believe Melanie is far damaged from her childhood than she admit to herself She states in the book her father regularly took a leather belt to her and she would be made to wait days for the punishment causing trauma and perpetual anxiety to a child has far reaching and lasting effects hence why she married an abuser.The book is worth a read if you can read between the lines lies, i love a good celebrity autobiography and this didn t disappoint in that respect i love to see how people rise to stardom It did leave a lot of unanswered questions, she makes the suggestion that her ex husband stole all of her money but if that is true why have the police not been involved in the book she states her fee from the X factor which i assume would have been substantial was spent from her account within 3 days could have done with an epilogue, it was a nice touch with the extras at the end from her daughter Angel who her ex husband targeted for some pretty horrific hate and I believe he should be brought to justice for the abuse he meted out to her, 3 month groundings, shouting and terrifying her I would recommend the book but i wouldn t recommend reading it in one sitting as its quite emotional. Mel B was my least fave Spice Girl, but after reading this book she is my hero She does not hold back anything about her horrendous controlling husband, Belafonte, and it is a very upsetting read She does not glorify the violence in her marriage but it is so distressing to read about how her children knew about the abuse especially the effect it had on her eldest child, Phoenix heartbreaking Despite what she believes, she is a fab mum her adorable children love her very much and all she can do now is never to repeat the cycle of abuse.I admire Mel B s spirit and I do believe every word She was controlled and would do anything to keep the peace The fact that he threatened to release the sordid sex tapes to ruin her career shows what a nasty svengali type of villain she was dealing withLike Mel B or not, this book is a true page turner, I could have read it in one sitting It is written well and flows well I can t believe she has been brutally honest takes some guts but she is safe now hopefully It was a shame that her horrendous marriage broke up relationships that Mel valued such as with her close friends and lovely family She can only move forward now and I wish her luck in finding a decent man who can show her what true love means.Buy it There are so many psychological abusers about who prey on people who are naive manipulate them so that they feel they cannot live without them.That s when the coercion begins.Why people have to make others feel so bad I m not sure, they obviously have many insecurities that they project onto others.Everyone contemplating a new relationship should read this book.From a fellow survivor an amazing read for all the wrong reasons all young girls should read this to know how some men behave, it inspired me to have a chat with my daughter about the dangers of isolating yourself from your family and friends when in a relationship mel has been very honest in order to help others well done and good luck mel i hope you are able to fight the demons that haunt you and find peace and happiness. So I ve been waiting for this to come out and after seeing her talk about this on loose women,, so I downloaded the kindle version Wow, I couldn t put it down and only have a few chapters left.I had a personal reason for wanting this book as I have been in an abisive relationship for the past 10 years and still am, so I was hoping it would make me feel like someone else knew what it was like.It did just that, mine is a slightly different situation but it is so nice in a strange way to hear someone else s experiences and Mel is so honest in this book, I take my hat off to her as it is very embarrassing to talk about.I think after finishing I will continue to re read this as I find it really inspiring and hopefully one day I might find the strength to leave and be on my own like Mel did.This book isn t just about that though, so it s not a depressing book by any means, it talks about all aspects of her life including her time in the spice girls and tv shows she s been involved in ect.I would say this is a good book for anyone no matter what your personal situation is you will find it interesting and well written, so I highly recommend this book and hope you ve found my review the slightest bit helpful in deciding whether to purchase or not. This Book Will Help To Change Lives Katie Ghose, Chief Executive, Women S Aid This Book Is So Powerful So Real, So Strong And So Emotional This Is Exactly Melanie Geri Horner N E Halliwell The Tell All Memoir From The Loudest, Proudest Spice Girl And The Truth Behind The Headlines As One Fifth Of The Iconic Spice Girls And Judge On X Factor And America S Got Talent, Melanie Brown, Aka Scary Spice, Has Been An International Star Since Her Twenties Brutally Honest Is An Expos Of The Struggles And Acute Pain That Lay Behind The Glamour And Success With Deep Personal Insight, Remarkable Frankness And Trademark Yorkshire Humour, The Book Removes The Mask Of Fame And Reveals The True Story Behind The Spice Girls, As Well As The Horror Of Her Most Recent Marriage And Her Year Struggle To Be Free

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