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The Book of Tides A very interesting book, beautifully illustrated.Just purchased my second copy to give as a present. An Idiosyncratic, Richly Illustrated Guide To Britain S Rivers, Seas And Shores, For Everyone Who Loves The Water And The Natural World A Norwegian Wood For Britain S WatersThis Is A Book For Those Who Want To Understand Better How The Waters Surrounding Us Affect Our Daily Lives, How It Imperceptibly But Crucially Shapes Our Actions, And Has Shaped Our Landscape For Millenia It S For Anyone Who Knows And Loves Our Coast, And Who Wants To Understand, Discover, Surf, Or Sail It Better.Inspired By His Own Witnessing Of The Power Of The Sea Through Travelling Around Britain S Coastline In A Panel Van With His Young Family, William Thomson Tells The Story Of The Cycles Of The Sea He Combines A Lyrical, Passionate Narrative With Graphically Beautiful Renderings Of The Main Forms Of Water Which Affect Britain Rip, Rapids, Swell, Stream, Tide, Wave, Whirlpool, Tsunami. The Book Of Tides Is A Book For All Of Us Who Feel The Pull Of The Sea And The Tug Of The Tide. Gift, much appreciated Much to learn about, he said An excellent example of an author s passion for and interest in a massive subject and set of experiences, shared with us in an engaging style Full of facts and advice for the schooled and less schooled water adventurer. Fantastic book Written with passion by a man who clearly enjoys and embraces the ocean Intuitive and fun illustrations throughout Great addition to any coastal home. I bought this after reading a review in the paper, I m interested in our shores and the sea, but was slightly disappointed in the emphasis on surfing which wasn t really indicated in the review Great illustrations. Love the topic, good graphics and a comfortable pick up and read a bit book to use Not a handbook. Bought as a grift for my husband, who is a water sport fanatic Loves everything from surfing, to rowing to swimming and plenty in between He s found it a fascinating read and keeps treating the family to fascinating little snippets from this book.

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