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Red Snow: WINNER OF BEST INDEPENDENT VOICE AT THE AMAZON PUBLISHING READERS' AWARDS, 2019 (Tuva Moodyson Mystery 2) Red Snow Is The Eagerly Awaited Follow Up To Dark Pines, Selected For ITV S Zoe Ball Book Club TWO BODIES One Suicide One Cold Blooded Murder Are They Connected And Who S Really Pulling The Strings In The Small Swedish Town Of Gavrik TWO COINS Black Grimberg Liquorice Coins Cover The Murdered Man S Eyes The Hashtag Ferryman Starts To Trend As Local People Stock Up On Ammunition TWO WEEKS Tuva Moodyson, Deaf Reporter At The Local Paper, Has A Fortnight To Investigate The Deaths Before She Starts Her New Job In The South A Blizzard Moves In Residents, Already Terrified, Feel Increasingly Cut Off Tuva Must Go Deep Inside The Grimberg Factory To Stop The Killer Before She Leaves Town For Good But Who S To Say The Ferryman Will Let Her Go A second outing for Tuva she is still stuck in a dead end town in icy Sweden and this time it is in the depths of winter The day to day grind of living with the cold and isolation makes for a fantastic backdrop to the unfolding drama at the liquorice factory I liked the almost obsessive detail of the trucks and the supermarket and the McDonald s The writing brings the little town to life and we revisit some of our friends from the first novel The plot builds slowly but there are layers of life and the supernatural that keep you reading In the first novel, the forest was the dread and malevolent force, in this it is the cold and the superstitions that quite literally chill us The precautions of Cici, the matriarch of the family, talk of ancient evil and this is never quite resolved but it suggests that isolation and the precarious struggle to survive can make you cling to primitive rituals for comfort Tuva s journey through the novel is building towards escaping Gavrik to the warmth of the cosmopolitan south of Sweden handling of grief and loneliness and search for a lover Her closest companions are similarly outsiders and you feel that Gavrik is a place with space for the weird I really enjoyed the story and the writing it s wonderful to be so completely transported to a different place. Two bodies, two coins, two weeks and so the story unfolds I loved Dark Pines and couldn t wait to read this one and follow Tuva Moodyson s journey Tuva is now preparing to leave Garvrik, which I for one, am sorry about I love shivering when I read about this cold, isolated place where when you open a window, freezing air pours in like seawater and where everything s white It looks like God poured a bottle of correction fluid over the whole town, and who the hell could blame him The author s descriptive writing is so good you are transported to Garvrik and chilled to the bone as you read.Before Tuva leaves she has one last job to do, research on the liquorice factory and the secretive family who live there.The author s last book left me with strange images of trolls and this book has left me with images of snow skulls Very creepy and I loved the information about liquorice.Tuva is a great character, very well drawn, very real and I hope she continues to feature in future books I so wanted her to find love, especially when we find out what s going on in Tuva s head, for example When she stands in front of me my head turns into a soft clump of overcooked pasta or we re slowly tangling together like climbing roses The writing throughout this book is beautiful, descriptive, excellent and this, together with the fantastic array of characters, makes this an outstanding book. I was one of many readers who loved the danger, the atmosphere, the whole claustrophobic and inward looking setting of Dark Pines Red Snow didn t grab me so much, though the setting was the same More so, perhaps, as it took place in February of the worst year for a long time Again, Tuva, the young journalist, is involved in finding out what happened when a factory owner fell from his building s tall chimney.It was too long and repetitive to grip me It could usefully have lost 20% of its length to pick up its pace and interest I found the writing rather clunky It pulls you out of the story when you find yourself counting the number of times the author said and in that sentence Honestly, I felt it had been hurriedly edited to rush it out in the wake of the first book s success Things like artic conditions should have been picked up I can t believe nobody queried lapwings in a list of dead or hibernating insects Lacewings, yes.I plodded through it like Tuva through deep snow I wanted to love it and may well be in a minority in not doing so, but I m glad to move on

About the Author: Will Dean

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Red Snow: WINNER OF BEST INDEPENDENT VOICE AT THE AMAZON PUBLISHING READERS' AWARDS, 2019 (Tuva Moodyson Mystery 2) book, this is one of the most wanted Will Dean author readers around the world.

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