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What a Fish Knows An Observer Book Of The Year A Sunday Times Must Read A New York Times Bestseller Endorsed By His Holiness The Dalai Lama Balcombe Vividly Shows That Fish Have Feelings And Deserve Consideration And Protection Like Other Sentient Beings What S The Truth Behind The Old Adage That Goldfish Have A Three Second Memory Do Fishes Think Can They Recognize The Humans Who Peer Back At Them From Above The Surface Of The Water Myth Busting Biologist And Animal Behaviour Expert Jonathan Balcombe Takes Us Under The Sea, Through Streams And Estuaries To The Other Side Of The Aquarium Glass To Answer These Questions And He Upends Our Assumptions, Revealing That Fish Are Far From The Unfeeling, Dead Eyed Feeding Machines So Many Of Us Assume Them To Be They Are, In Fact, Sentient, Aware, Social And Even Machiavellian In Other Words, Rather Like Us What A Fish Knows Draws On The Latest Science To Present A Fresh Look At These Remarkable Creatures In All Their Breathtaking Diversity And Beauty Teeming With Insights And Exciting Discoveries, It Offers A Thoughtful Appraisal Of Our Relationships With Fish And Inspires Us To Take A Enlightened View Of The Planet S Increasingly Imperilled Marine Life What A Fish Knows Will Forever Change How We See Our Aquatic Cousins The Pet Goldfish Included

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    We are all guilty of thinking of fish in the plural, a picture of a slab or a net on a trawler coming to mind when the word is uttered It is way past time for that to change, and our a

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    What an amazing book It just goes on and on with example after example of why fish need to be protected and not just for human consumption I was a vegetarian already, but after reading this book

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    Loved this book I wasn t one of those who believed fish have a two second memory, but I was amazed at how bright they actually are I learned so much about them, I am now looking at my two big goldfish in

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    Bought as a gift, so I only had time to skim this excellent book Now have to give up eating this marvellous and much maligned creatures who must be spared further depredation.

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    A fabulous book Everyone should read this and think again about how we generally think of aquatic life and exploit them and their environment.

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    Great, great book So informative and well written

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    Who would have thought that blennies would figure something out quicker than a dog but they did Maybe it was a Golden Retriever which are particularly stupid.

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    Fascinating book, well written.

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