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The Story of Life: A First Book about Evolution My six year old daughter really engaged with this book, and I learnt a little something too My daughter attends a Catholic school, and I wanted some kid friendly books to balance out her religious and scientific education, this is great I also recommend Older Than The Stars. At First, Nothing Lived On Earth It Was A Noisy, Hot, Scary Place Choking Gas Exploded From Volcanoes And Oceans Of Lava Bubbled Around The Globe Then In The Deep, Dark Ocean, Something Amazing Happened This Is An Exciting And Dramatic Story About How Life Began And Developed On Planet Earth, Written Especially For Younger Children The Authors Explain How The First Living Cell Was Created, And How The Cells Multiply And Create Jellyfish And Worms, And Then Fish With Bendy Necks, Which Drag Themselves Out Of The Water Into Swampy Forests They Tell The Story Of The Biggest Creatures That Have Ever Walked On Land The Dinosaurs Long After That, Hairy Creatures Who Have Babies, Not Eggs, Take Over, Stand On Two Legs And Spread Around The World, Some Of Them Living Through Cataclysmic Events Such As Ice Ages And Volcanic Eruptions Everyone Living Today Is Related To These Survivors With Delightful Illustrations Including Lots Of Detail And Humour, All Carefully Researched And Checked, This Book Shows The Development Of Life On Earth In A Truly Accessible And Simple Way CLICK HERE To Download Teachers Notes Specially Written By The Authors, Catherine Barr And Steve Williams, To Assist Teachers And Librarians In The Promotion And Teaching Of The Story Of Lifein Schools And To Help Foster A Love Of Good Books, Literature And Reading In Children I bought this book for my six year old after seeing the authors presentation at Hay Festival, and it is fantastic My son loves it and often requests it at bedtime and he can and has read it to himself now several times He likes the illustrations and the snippets of humour Squelchy in here, isn t it is his favourite bit I think But I think what is really fantastic about it is that it manages to convey this huge concept very clearly and in a child friendly way and while sticking to the latest scientific thinking on the subject it is free of scientific jargon There are hardly any really good books on evolution for young children so it was great to discover this Should be compulsory reading for all primary children, I think Absolutely the best I came across for little curious minds My 5 year old asks a lot of difficult questions One of them was mum how did first person happened I was trying to introduce her to story of evolution in my own worlds but my girl just looked at me funny So I decided is time to get help in form of this lovely illustrated and cleverly written book.My children learned a lot from it They loved it We often read it as a bed time story I highly recommend it to every parent and their children. I bought this for my 5 year old daughter and it has been read to her quite a few times, the writing has a nice flow and does not in any way talk down to or patronise it s readers, but is concise, clear and quite humorous too, I ve enjoyed reading it and the pictures go nicely with the text I ve also caught my daughter reading it while I ve been out of the room I bought this book as a companion book to Neffy the Dinosaur and various volcano books. Currently halfway through Little one enjoying it Yes the language may be a bit advanced, but my boy is only 4 so forgive me for wanting a book I can read TO him as he looks at the pictures Also the concept of evolution as with all science does not contradict any personal belief system, so there is nothing in here that will compromise any faith teachings. My mums trying to brainwash my kids with religion I am on the offensive making sure I brainwash them first with Science After one of my 5 year old twins asked me if humans were around straight after the dinosaurs, I went looking on for some child friendly books about evolution, to help them understand.This is the book I ended up buying, as it seemed like it would give a very simple, but factual explanation of evolution And my boy s loved it It really is a great book, which my boys have been remembering tidbits from since reading, and relaying the info back to me So it s obviously serving its purpose very well The only downside is that it s not as basic as I had hoped, and it leaves a lot open to questioning Which is fine And I probably should have got a book a bit simpler again maybe I took a risk buying the book when there weren t any inside product photos.That being said, the boys did enjoy learning a bit , and I think they ll understand it a lot when they re a bit older.

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