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The Hungry Brain: Outsmarting the Instincts That Make Us Overeat This is a very good read overall, however I think it may leave some readers disappointed.I never been obese but I have problems with keeping my weight in a healthy range my BMI can go up to 26 at times but at the same time I m not able to eat enough to push it even further, not that I really tried lol.I m 41 now and decided that I need to work out what it is that makes me overeat as I want to be healthy.The thing is I have lactose intolerance that no one ever picked up on as I have very unusual symptoms I feel extremely hungry a few hours after consuming milk and this can last for about 74 hours.I stated dieting at 16, ditched milk to save calories and I lost weight very quickly I started drinking milk because it s healthy and I was ravenous again After doing that over and over I finally worked out what the problem is at 22.I avoided milk but still would overeat sometimes as I had weird pain in my stomach I was diagnosed with excess stomach acid at 18 but wasn t given any treatment I was too fed up to keep going to doctors and just lived with it Finally a few months ago I tried ranitidine and it did the trick, I now take a tablet when I m in pain instead of having an extra sandwich.So my first issue is that the book does not mention that some people overeat because it relieves their digestive issues.The over issue that I have with tha book and the author I read his blog is how much he doesn t like the idea that carbs make people fat.Maybe reducing carbs does not work for those who are suspectible to overeat highly palatable food and become severely obese as a result, but it seems it works for those like me and this anecdotal evidence is being totally rejected.So even when I sort out my digestive issues I still eat large amount of food not really highly palatable, I mean things like sandwiches or potatoes and I need to make an effort to reduce the amount I eat for like 4 5 days despite feeling hungry, after that something clicks and slimming become effortless.But that only happens if I watch out the amount of carbs I eat If I try that with eating 1600 kcal of toasts with jam and potatoes a day nothing clicks, I continue being hungry and finally go back to eating large portions.So there were research done and they showed it s nothing to do with insulin Maybe it s not But at the same time obese people that went through bariatric surgery stop craving highly palatable food and suddenly prefer salad Scientists still don t know why this is happening and yet the author does not tell them that it s all on their head That makes me think the author is biased and that s why I m only giving 3 starts even though I did enjoy the book and it gave me some insights that I did not come accors anywhere else I now know that I m opportunistic eater but not very likely to make an effort to look for food when I m not hungry and putting sweets into airtight container was enough to stop me snacking every time I went to the kitchen.I would still recommend this book just be aware of what I mentioned above. Best book on the topic.Salt, Sugar, Fat How the Food Giants Hooked Us, by Michael Moss andThe End of Overeating Taking control of our insatiable appetiteDavid Kessler are good companion reads.The processed Frankenfood makers are WORSE than the tobacco companies at least the tobacco companies didn t set out to make their products deliberately addictive and damaging to health. A nice level headed, analytical counterpoint to all the dogmatic literature on carbs v fat I ve read widely from Taubes, Tcheiholz, etc.Having heard Stephan on a podcast, I m pleased to have read the book He takes a robust scientific approach, without any apparent axes to grind, and genuinely helped my understanding of the subject At the expense of offering quick fixes miracle answers, he takes an admirably balanced approach and offers some helpful practical guidance for those in need Could have benefited like most books from tighter editorial oversight. I thought I knew a lot about what makes us gain weight but this book taught me so much and gave me some useful ideas Well worth reading Basically don t get fat over Christmas Oops. You can learn an awful lot about why we eat what we eat and why it is so hard to lose weight, and even some advice about that But it s still going to be bloomin hard. Hard science presented in an engaging and approachable way recommended reading for everyone interested in how human body regulates weight and appetite. ESSENTIAL The New York Times Have You Ever Wished You Could Just Stop Eating The Cake, Even As You Put Another Forkful In Your Mouth Have You Ever Wondered Why Exactly You Are Still Eating Chips When You Are Definitely Full This Book Has The Answers The Hungry Brain Isn T About Denying Yourself The Food You Love, Or Never Eating Pudding Again, But The Bottom Line Is That We Often Eat Too Much And Don T Really Know Why Guyenet Will Help The Reader To Understand Exactly Why And Importantly, What To Do About It Many People Have Influenced My Thinking On Human Nutrition And Metabolism, But Stephan Is The One Person Who Has Completely Altered My Understanding Of Why We Get Fat Robb Wolf, Author Of The New York Times Bestseller The Paleo Solution For Those Interested In The Complex Science Of Overeating, It Is Essential The New York Times

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