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Colossians & Philemon For You (God's Word For You) Peace Provision Forgiveness These Are Basic Human Needs Yet Who Can Truly Be Relied Upon To Deliver Them In His Letter To The Colossians, Paul Shows How These Can Never Come To Us Through Political, Philosophical, Mystical Or Religious Systems They Only Come Through Jesus Christ, Who Is The Visible Image Of The Invisible God Mark Meynell Unpacks Colossians And Philemon, Verse By Verse In This Expository Guide Which Can Be Used As A Daily Devotional Or For Studying This Letter In Your Church It Will Excite Ordinary Christians In Their Faith, Equip Teachers And Preachers In Their Work, And Help Us All To Root Our Confidence In The Right Place.

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    In the beginning I felt the discussion from the author to be far of course of the scripture Nope Always he would cleverly circle back encompassing a simple and sound explanation of the scripture Yes,refreshing is the right word.

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    Great commentary Sound theology.

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    Fast service Great book.

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