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The Testaments: WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE 2019 (The Handmaid's Tale) WINNER OF THE BOOKER PRIZE SUNDAY TIMES NO BESTSELLER Margaret Atwood S Dystopian Masterpiece, The Handmaid S Tale, Is A Modern Classic Now She Brings The Iconic Story To A Dramatic Conclusion In This Riveting SequelMore Than Fifteen Years After The Events Of The Handmaid S Tale, The Theocratic Regime Of The Republic Of Gilead Maintains Its Grip On Power, But There Are Signs It Is Beginning To Rot From Within At This Crucial Moment, The Lives Of Three Radically Different Women Converge, With Potentially Explosive ResultsTwo Have Grown Up As Part Of The First Generation To Come Of Age In The New Order The Testimonies Of These Two Young Women Are Joined By A Third Voice A Woman Who Wields Power Through The Ruthless Accumulation And Deployment Of Secrets As Atwood Unfolds The Testaments, She Opens Up The Innermost Workings Of Gilead As Each Woman Is Forced To Come To Terms With Who She Is, And How Far She Will Go For What She Believes Dear Readers Everything You Ve Ever Asked Me About Gilead And Its Inner Workings Is The Inspiration For This Book Well, Almost Everything The Other Inspiration Is The World We Ve Been Living In Margaret Atwood The Literary Event Of The Year Guardian A Savage And Beautiful Novel, And It Speaks To Us Today, All Around The World, With Particular Conviction And Power The Bar Is Set Particularly High For Atwood And She Soars Over It Peter Florence, Booker Prize Chair Of Judges, Guardian

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    Like so many of you, the Handmaid s Tale came back into my life through the television show which has proved a huge hit in the past few years Although I will point out that I was very aware of the book having studied it for my English Literature A Level than 15 years ago.From that retrospect, the television show is

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    Having loved The Handmaid s Tale since first reading the exquisite style and subtle construction of a terrible world through flashback and hint and observation and part revelation The Testaments proved to be a grave disappointment The TV series was bad enough with long, pointless shots and the unsubtlety of a third person pre

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    What a story.For all Fans of The Handmaid s Tale1 of the Best Books I have ever ReadCongratulations Margaret Atwood..You have 100per cent out done your self in the writing of THE TESTAMENT..It was so good I read it twice in succession and will probably definitely read it again.For all fans of The Handmaid s Taleplease read this for you

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    Spoilers ahead I enjoyed the book and read it practically in one sitting But there are a couple of baffling plot points that spoiled it for me Maybe someone can explain 1 What was the point of Aunt Lydia plotting to bring Baby Nicole back to Gilead, only to send her back to Canada with the microdot Why did she need to expose the girl to such dan

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    It was always going to be difficult to reach the same heights as the Handmaid s Tale.The only way I can think to describe it is to say the book seemed to me a little as though it had been written by Jessica Fletcher, of Murder She Wrote Who had been binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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    I ve waited years for this and it does not disappoint.3 narrative POVs merge together to tell a delicious tale There are no surprises, for we know who is who quite early on, but that doesn t matter The rich worldbuilding complemented by the TV show makes this a wonderful tale.Atwood has a remarkable way with words and each of her first person POVs are unique.Loved

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