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The Star Wars Before Star Wars, There Was The Star Wars This Is The Softcover Collection Of The Official Adaptation Of George Lucas S Rough Draft Screenplay For What Would Become Star Wars, The Film That Changed Motion Pictures And The World You Ll See Familiar Characters And Places But Not All Is The Same In This Long Ago And Faraway Galaxy Still, Strap Yourself In For High Adventure And Lazersword Duels, Jedi Knights, Princess Leia, Han Solo, And A Battle To Defeat The Evil Empire Collects Issues And Issue Of The Star Wars

13 thoughts on “The Star Wars

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    A nice what if, aimed at SW fans, but comic book enthusiasts will enjoy the style and drawing of it.

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    Really interesting to see an earlier draft and a graphic novel is the perfect medium So much familiar stuff, yet so different A must for genuine fans

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    Bought for husband, he loved it.

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    was ok but only if you are really into star wars new star wars than old ones

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    Good but not amazing, get for art work and star wars fan boyness

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    If George Lucas had made this film there would be no Star Wars franchise The only outstanding feature of this comic is to see how far Star Wars had to go before becoming the thing I know and love.It s also a bit of a kick to see how some things did end up being used but much later in the prequels.Strictly for the fans, this o

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    This is a fascinating book As a Star Wars fan since first being given the Special Edition videos in 1997 I was 9 , I was always aware that the original concept was somewhat different to the final realised film For instance I knew from the Ralph McQuarrie artwork that Stormtroopers originally used lightsabres as frequently as the Je

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    Comes without issue 0 but what a story Better than anything in any of the movie episodes and completely different.

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    Sehr interessantes Buch Damit konnten wir sogar jemanden berraschen der dachte er weiss schon alles ber Star Wars.Hier wird die Geschichte in der Ursprungsfassung gezeigt Also so wie George Lucas sich das ausgedacht hat bevor alles in Drehb cher gepasst wurde.Wer sich sein Idealbild Lucas jedoch nicht zerst ren will sollte aber vielleicht verz

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    Graficamente eccelso, forse lascia un po a desiderare per la storia, che non sempre chiarissima. comunque molto interessante per vedere cosa c era all origine

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    The names are the same but the characters are one dimensional This is interesting to a big Star Wars fan but poorly written for anyone else.

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    If you re looking for good writing, look somewhere else As noted in the title, this is based on George Lucas rough draft of Star Wars and George Lucas, for all his success at world building, is a poor writer on his own For anyone interested in the development of an idea, I think you ll find these comic books useful as the starting point from which Lucas began his jou

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