Star Wars Omnibus - Knights of the Old Republic PDF/EPUB

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Star Wars Omnibus - Knights of the Old Republic (vol.1) I loved this story To me in encapsulated the Star Wars universe while also being set during KOTOR, and i loved KOTOR. As an avid Star Wars fan I ve played both the original Knights of the Old Republic video games and the recent MMO Star Wars The Old Republic The story that is carried out in the first KotOR game is exceptional and meshes with the story in the KotOR graphic novel in the sense that you see both Revan and Malak during the Mandalorian Wars.However, my favorite part of the graphic novel is the new story and characters Zayne Carrick main protagonist is a jedi padawan with a unique bond to the force he s extremely lucky and clumsy Carrick becomes embroiled in a plot concerning the Jedi and the lines between good and bad are instantly blurred Carrick s unwilling allies make up the team of heroes that every Star Wars story is never without Every character has a unique skill set and back story that carries throughout the graphic novel I m trying not to give too much away, but if you like comics, Star Wars, or even specifically a fan of the Old Republic Era, this series is a must read Padawan Zayne Carrick is suddenly a fugitive framed for the murder of his fellow Jedi in training Little does the galaxy know, Zayne s own Masters are behind the massacre and dead set on recovering him before he can reveal the truth Collects Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic issues volumes I got into the KOTOR era through the KOTOR II video game I ve read the books as well, but sometimes I find myself not fully caring for the characters.In this, I cared for Zayne and his newfound friends I wanted to know how they would end up and how the story would unfold I m irritated at myself that I didn t get volumes 2 3 at the same time.The art was spectacular I can t stop raving about it The colours were done beautifully and blended with the story extremely well Even if all you enjoy are the video games, I would suggest this to you It is the start of the war and touches on some of the planets in KOTOR II I ve never played the first game but I wouldn t be surprised if this comic series appealed to KOTOR I folks as well. This is a compilation of the first 3 volumes of Star wars knights of the old republic It is a great story arc connecting events from earlier sith wars and the clone wars I find the story highly amusing and constantly laugh and grin at Zayne He is hard not to like both as a character and anti hero Once you start you will not want to stop reading If you like mandalorians you will enjoy this book I you like old republic issues you will with enjoy this book I suggest getting hard cover editions if you are just starting My trade paperbacks have an easy time of eventually riping from the binding Nothing is perfect Note this is a crazy story of an jedi apprentice framed for murder and his quest to bring justice and clear his name Along the way he helps many people and vows vengeance on the evils of the galaxy. This is one MAJOR book It s very interesting reading the various parts and then thinking about how things end up in the original Knights Of The Old Republic Particularly what spurs the actions which make Zayne Carrick a criminal And I love the various characters, from the funny Gryph up to Admiral Karath My favourite character by the way Five starts all the way Can t wait to read Volume Two A great story of a failing padawan in the days of the Old Republic whose life gets forced to be on the run There are very interesting characters and it is a good story to watch as the main character must make choices that aren t easy but what he believes is right. incredible story with depth and character development galore, look forward to reading the next two volumes. What a book Wow I didn t know there were many stories that came before the stars wars saga trerrfic art work A must read for Star Wars fans.Brown35. Excellent