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12 Small Acts to Save Our World: Simple, Everyday Ways You Can Make a Difference Ever Wanted To Save The World It S Easy To Feel Like We Can T Make A Difference But Small, Easy Actions, If Taken By Enough People, Can Move Mountains And Save PlanetsWritten In Collaboration With Leading Environmental Experts From WWF, This Short Book Provides Simple Changes We Can All Make To Our Everyday Lives, From Morning To NightThese Aren T The Only Things You Can Do Nor Are They Things You Have To Do But These Small Acts Are Basic Steps Anybody Can Take, And If Even One Of Them Sticks, Our Children Will Inherit A Better WorldActs Like Turning Off Devices Instead Of Leaving Them On Standby Buying Less Cotton Clothing A T Shirt Needs , Litres Of Water To Make Using Reusable Straws When Possible Turning Off The Tap While You Brush Your Teethwill Take Only Moments, But If Enough People Commit To Them, We Can Make A Real Difference To Our Planet Now Really Is The Time To Act You Don T Have To Be A Superhero Everyone Can Make A Difference By Following This Book Ben Fogle A very readable book showing me what I can do to make a difference. Useful read and good to gift A brilliant and informative book brimming with ideas that you can easily put into practice to help save our world Each short and quick to read chapter focuses on one way in which you can help save the world be it with saving energy by turning off lights, changing how you commute and cutting down on short trips in the car, or using refillable water bottles and kicking that plastic convenience habit I loved the layout of each chapter and thought they were set out in a very concise and easy format to read with lots of pauses to give you chance to reflect on the information given It it absolutely chock full of tips and ways to help save our world and I will definitely be implementing them It s also full of facts and figures with targets set by certain countries or organisations and the impact we humans have had on our planet It s a book of hope though, of ways to drive the focus towards a better way of living and to look after our fragile world.An absolute must read for anyone and everyone.

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