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    The fifth graphic novel compilation of the ongoing Steven Universe comics is here It is called Find a Way.As with many comics originally released in individual issues, the publishers later released this trade paperback compilation of the issues 17 through 20 in Volume 5, with volumes scheduled for release after the individual issues have been out a while.I had already written outlines and reviews of the four comics as they came out There s not much point in writing up rereleased content, but just for your info, I ll spotlight the included stories and list the variant covers They call the issues chapters in this compilation CHAPTER SEVENTEEN is about Peridot using a video game as a distraction from missing Lapis For issue 17 there were only two covers included they have continued the trend of reducing the covers to only a main cover and a subscription cover now.1 The main cover Peridot versus Garnet in a video game, by Missy Pe a.2 Subscription cover The group running downhill including Connie and Lion , with Lapis carrying Peridot, by Meg Omac.CHAPTER EIGHTEEN is about Pearl including Amethyst as a teacher to train Steven and Connie For issue 18, here are the two covers included.1 Main cover Connie and the Gems hanging out by a tree with Amethyst in cat form , by Missy Pe a.2 Subscription cover The Gems playing a card game and a board game featuring game figures that represent the Super Watermelon Island battle , by Meg Omac.CHAPTER NINETEEN is about the time the Gems and Greg built the house Steven lives in with the help of Sugilite For issue 19, here are the two covers included.1 Main cover Sugilite in the sea squaring off against Pearl, by Missy Pe a.2 Subscription cover Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Stevonnie taking a humorous selfie with stickers, by Janie Lee.CHAPTER TWENTY is about Connie feeling less useful than the rest of the team because she s had to be rescued by experienced, powerful fighters For issue 20, here are the two covers included.1 Main cover Sardonyx in the Strawberry Battlefield with Amethyst, Connie, and Steven, by Missy Pe a also the front cover image of the collection.2 Subscription cover Stevonnie and Lion in workout gear taking a jog, by Caitlyn Kurlich.There is NO other new content in the book, so if you only care about having all the stories and already own individual issues, there is no need to get this But if you prefer having them all together and want the variant cover art, pick it up These were all really excellent stories going into depth with each character as they struggle with the main issues Unusual care was taken in the writing of these stories to develop inner conflict that felt true to each character while still not just repeating issues they d solved in the show already.

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Steven Universe: Find a Way (Vol. 5), Volume 5 The adventures of Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems continue with all new stories based on the hit Emmy Award nominated Cartoon Network TV series, Steven Universe Head on down to Beach City and see what s shakin with Steven Universe and the gang You can check out what happens when Steven introduces Peridot to her first video game and her competitive side completely takes over seriously, it s scary , or you can take a trip down memory lane as the Crystal Gems tell the story of building their Beach City homeand how it almost came crashing down Everywhere you turn, there s summer fun for everyone Writer Grace Kraft Ornithia and artist Rii Abrego Rick Morty deliver nonstop fun and adventure, expanding the world of Cartoon Network s hit show Steven Universe