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The Top 100 Classic Radio Shows I give it three stars because while the authors included most of what would be considered the top 100 radio shows by a lot of radio historians, they also missed a few shows that should have been included instead of others I really don t understand why they included an obscure show like The Adventures of Archie Andrews , based on the comic strip, but didn t include The Easy Aces , a show written by and starring Goodman Ace who was a respected radio and TV writer, and his wife Jane While not as well known today as Fibber McGee and Molly , the quality was on the same level and also as with Vic and Sade But the most egregious omission was Arthur Godfrey Time in the Variety category Godfrey was THE giant of radio from the mid forties to early fifties, equivalent to Oprah in TV They should have also included a category for soap operas, and included soaps like One Man s Family , Ma Perkins , The Romance of Helen Trent and Just Plain Bill , which were some of the longest running radio shows They did include Stella Dallas in the drama category, but that was also a soap opera The selection of shows on the CD s are ok, and it does have an episode of The Eddie Cantor Show which I don t think are available on CD, but for the episode of Suspense , I really wished they would have selected Sorry, Wrong Number which was the most famous episode of that series. Revisit Radio S Golden Age With This Classic Compilation A Compendium Of The Top Radio Shows From The Golden Age Of Hollywood This Book Is Chock Full Of Fascinating Facts And Behind The Scenes Information About The Best Shows From Every Era Including The S, S, And S Organized Into Six Categories, You Ll Learn Tantalizing Tidbits About The Shows And Talent Who Made Them Famous Includes Comedies, Westerns, Dramas, Variety Shows, Mysteries And Suspense, Sci Fi And Superheroes Settle Into Your Easy Chair And Get Ready To Revisit The Golden Oldies, Including The Roy Rogers Show, The War Of The Worlds, The Bob Hope Show, The Shadow, And Much Includes Three Audio CDs Featuring One Radio Show From Each Genre, Plus Many Shows Available To Download Audio CD Run Times CD CD CD Total Mr Amari and Mr Grams, Jr have put together a great book that is very easy to read and has tremendous history and is very vibrant with the amount of pictures it has I learned many things in this book even though I have been a fan of Classic Radio since I was seven years old Along with John Dunning s Encyclopedia, this is the definitive book on Classic Radio So NOT what I thought it was It sounded like this was a book full of stories and information about the old radio shows It s not It has just very basic info for each show Almost just like advertising promo blurbs I purchased this for my father and was really disappointed when we got it. I am disgusted and dismayed that the authors omitted Gene Autry s Melody Ranch program on CBS Radio Autry s Melody Ranch program always beat Roy Rogers Show in the ratings and was much popular on radio than Rogers How could they omit Gene Autry Blasphemy The authors proudly proclaim that Rogers has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, wow, but Gene Autry is the ONLY star who has FIVE stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.I hope to return the book or sell it Do not like it.

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