Read ➫ Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery (Make: Technology on Your Time) Author Charles Platt –

Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery (Make: Technology on Your Time) This is one of the best books I have ever read where the author explains the topics in a fun and logical way I wish maths books were written in the same style as this book The colourful diagrams and photos are clear and detailed The instructions on how to use a multimeter were just what I needed The author s style of writing just flow so well that what he is says just sinks in straight away He is also very modest about is abilities in electronics, as I believe if all technical books were as detailed and colourful as this one, studying would be fun. This Is Teaching At Its Best Hans Camenzind, Inventor Of The Timer The World S Most Successful Integrated Circuit , And Author Of Much Ado About Almost Nothing Man S Encounter With The Electron Booklocker A Fabulous Book Well Written, Well Paced, Fun, And Informative I Also Love The Sense Of Humor It S Very Good At Disarming The Fear And It S Gorgeous I Ll Be Recommending This Book Highly Tom Igoe, Author Of Physical Computing And Making Things TalkA Magnificent And Rewarding Book Every Step Of This Structured Instruction Is Expertly Illustrated With Photos And Crisp Diagrams This Really Is The Best Way To Learn Kevin Kelly, In Cool ToolsThe First Edition Of Make Electronics Established A New Benchmark For Introductory Texts This Second Edition Enhances That Learning ExperienceHere You Will Find Unique, Photographically Precise Diagrams Of Breadboarded Components, To Help You Build Circuits With Speed And Precision A New Shopping Guide And A Simplified Range Of Components, Will Minimize Your Investment In Parts For The Projects A Completely New Section On The Arduino Shows You How To Write Properly Structured Programs Instead Of Just Downloading Other People S Code Projects Have Been Reworked To Provide Additional Features, And The Book Has Been Restructured To Offer A Step By Step Learning Process That Is As Clear And Visually Pleasing On Handheld Devices As It Is On Paper Full Color Is Used ThroughoutAs Before, Make Electronics Begins With The Basics You Ll See For Yourself How Components Work And What Happens When They Don T You Ll Short Out A Battery And Overheat An LED You Ll Also Open Up A Potentiometer And A Relay To See What S Inside No Other Book Gives You Such An Opportunity To Learn From Real Life ExperiencesUltimately, You Will Build Gadgets That Have Lasting Value, And You Ll Have A Complete Understanding Of How They Work From Capacitors To Transistors To Microcontrollers It S All HereHans Camenzind, Inventor Of The Timer The World S Most Successful Integrated Circuit Chip , Said That This Is Teaching At Its Best When He Reviewed The First Edition Now The Second Edition Offers Even In the beginning, it seems to be aimed at little kids, as the text was a bit childish even to my 12yo son.But as the book progresses, the less technical vibe actually makes it easier to understand the complicated concepts, which was where I got stuck when I was his age. The way Mr Platt writes reminds me of the best of teachers from my school days clear steady progress through the subject interleaving theory with practical experiments I would recommend this book for anyone starting out in electronics. This is an excellent book for beginners or those returning to electronics It s hands on style and illustrated layout lead to an immersive learning experience I thoroughly recommend it to everyone. Great little book, well laid out and smashing diagrams Very readable even for the rank amateur. Great book, explains the basics of electronics clearly and simply, with colour diagrams and photographs Lots of experiments including testing some components to destruction which help understand what they do and how they behave under different conditions. It s hard to express how really good this book is Everything is carefully explained from both a theoretical and practial point of view.It really conveys the real function of components Recommended And I am never kind with ratings.

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