´ Mike's Peanuts: Machine Learning For Kids: Linear

Mike's Peanuts: Machine Learning For Kids: Linear Regression (Machine Learning Series: Mike's Peanuts) Artificial intelligence AI andmachine learning are finally accessible to everyone, including kids Conceived by professional researchers and scientists at top US universities, this book combines engaging stories, well illustratedpictures, and kid friendly writing to communicate scientific breakthroughs Turn the young minds you love into scientific geniuses In this book, readers find Mike the squirrel digging peanuts to give as a birthday present to his friend Since peanuts grow underground, Mike needs to predict how deep he should dig Can you help Mike figure out how deep to dig You and your loved ones will know what linear regression is before you realize it This book is a part of Rocket Baby Clubs Machine Learning Series In an age where computers and robots are becoming smarter and smarter,Rocket Baby Club offers unique educational solutions to help the next generation understand rapid developments in technology Join Rocket Baby Club to become a Rocket Baby now Visit rocketbabyclub for amazing deals on this and other Rocket Baby Club products

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