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Letters from Jesus: Studies from the Seven Churches of Revelation (Greek for the Week) In Revelation , Jesus Tells The Church In Ephesus Something Intimate Google Street View Intimate He Says, I Know Your Works Oida Ta Erga Sou Four Words Don T Seem Like Much, But In The Greek, It Packs A Punch Jesus Chooses The Greek Word Oida, Which Expresses Total, Comprehensive Knowledge It Is Intimate Knowledge That Comes From Being Up Close And Personal This Knowledge Isn T Hazy On The Details It Doesn T Struggle To Remember It Preserves The Particulars In The Mind S Eye, Everything Is Sharp And Clear, Like A Well Taken Photograph Chris Palmer Letters From Jesus Studies From The Seven Churches Of Revelation Explores Christ S Warnings To The Seven Most Prominent Churches In Asia Minor In The Book Of Revelation These Letters Date Back To AD But They Help Us Make A Fascinating Discovery About Civilization Life Hasn T Changed That Much Over The Last Two Millennia Author Chris Palmer Illustrates The Truths Contained In The Letters From Jesus Using Modern, Everyday Examples The Host Of The Popular Podcast Greek For The Week, He Unpacks Greek Words And Phrases In These Verses From Revelation With Humor, Joy, And Biblical Scholarship Why Study Greek, Even Just A Little Bit As Chris Explains, Looking At The New Testament In The Original Language In Which It Was Written Can Offer Us Some Beautiful Insights Into God S Word It S Like Reading The Bible In High Definition, He Says Also, Studying God S Word In The Original Language Forces Us To Approach It With Reverence And Awe, Humbling Ourselves To Obey What It Says, Whether It S Something We Want To Hear Or Not

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    This is an excellent book, very well put together by the author Extremely knowledgeable as a greek scholar which is evident when reading..the greek really brings the scriptures to life and sheds deeper depth on the word of God Great work Highly recommend this in your book collection.

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    Chris Palmer is a force to be reckoned with His handle on the difficult material of the Book of Revelation is second to none and frankly it s the first book on this apocalyptic script that made real world sense A must have in any serious readers library

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    The revelations from this book Letters From Jesus is absolutely phenomenal The insight due to profound study by Pastor Chris Palmer has been extremely beneficial in my spiritual growth God has truly blessed my wife and I in reading this Anointed book It has transformed our lives and has given us a deeper hunger and thirst for God This book ha

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    In Letters From Jesus, Chris Palmer breaks down the seven churches in Revelation individually into different sections and uses contemporary illustrations to highlight his point Palmer shares from the Greek in such a way that it is easy to understand even if you have never had any experience with the Greek language This book carries a powerful

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    This is one of the best books I have read on the book of Revelation The author explains what it s usually perceived as very complicated content and topics with simplicity, without loosing the depts of the message Every chapter is relevant and applicable to our everyday lives It s easy to read and very engaging I assure you that once you have st

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    I just started to read the book and I m loving it I decided to get it because I really enjoy his content online, his teachings are like putting the spiritual glasses on to read to New Testament The book is really easy to understand even for a not native speaker like me The book itself looks amazing, i love the fact the is hardcover and also the

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