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Science Comics: Rockets My son loves these books He just turned 9, and is reading his way through all of them He talked to his teacher at school and now his teacher is buying them for the classroom 3 Cant wait until my daughter is old enough to read. Every Volume Of Science Comics Offers A Complete Introduction To A Particular Topic Dinosaurs, Coral Reefs, The Solar System, Volcanoes, Bats, Flying Machines, And Many These Gorgeously Illustrated Graphic Novels Offer Wildly Entertaining Views Of Their Subjects Whether You Re A Fourth Grader Doing A Natural Science Unit At School Or A Thirty Year Old With A Secret Passion For Airplanes, These Books Are For You This Volume In Rockets We Explore The , Years That Rockets Have Been In Existence We Dive Into Newton S Laws Of Motion Learning All About Gravity, Force, Acceleration, And The History Of Rockets Made In The Past And Rockets To Be Made In The Future My 9 and 11 year olds love the Science Comics series Our local library has most of them, but some you just have to have your own copy of.I used this one to talk about Newtonian physics as part of our homeschooling. I order for a public school district This must be okay to recommend b c I didn t hear any complaints and believe me I would have. I LOVE this series for my kids Very informative without being boring, my kids speed read it I have an 11 and 13 yr old, boy and girl, and they both like the series Pictures are cute They combine a graphic novel feel with educational facts with a storyline It s very cute I like them a lot Highly recommended. We love the science comics series Our kids 6,9, 11 have read these again and again all the genius and facts are most artfully deployed in such fun and creativity

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