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Castle in the Stars: The Space Race of 1869 What If Man Journeyed Into Space In , Not In Search Of The Mysterious Element Known As Aether, Claire Dulac Flew Her Hot Air Balloon Toward The Edge Of Our Stratosphere And Never Returned One Year After Her Disappearance, Her Son And Husband A Re Delivered A Tantalising Clue A Letter From An Unknown Sender Who Claims To Have Claire S Lost Logbook The Letter Summons Them To A Bavarian Castle, Where An Ambitious Young King Dreams Of Flying The Skies In A Ship Powered By Aether But Within The Castle Walls, Danger Lurks There Are Those Who Would Stop At Nothing To Conquer The Stars In search of the fifth element, aether, Claire Dulac flew to the very edge of the stratosphere She promised her son and her husband that she would return But she never did, her hot air balloon disappeared leaving no trace of her behind A year passed Her husband, Archibald, was certain she was lost forever, going on with his life as an engineer as best he could Her son though, Seraphin is certain that there s still hope A letter summoning them to Bavaria offers hope, someone s found her logbook, a king who wants to fly But with hope comes danger, someone else in the castle is after the secret of aether powered flight.I m not a hundred percent sure of how I feel about Alex Alice s Castle in the Stars The Space Race of 1869 It is beautifully illustrated and the story has a lot of potential, but then that potential feels a bit mishandled in a lot of spots It really needed to be slowed down and expanded on to let things feel less rushed.That s actually my big issue with the story There s a lot of ground to cover here and not enough space for it to be covered in We get the introduction, Claire takes off on her fateful voyage, Seraphim hasn t moved past it and is obsessed with aether a year later, then the letter arrives We get introduced to the main plot and the other two young characters, Hans and Sophie, and the villain But then the villain s plot is revealed and we sort of zip from that to the climax of the story and the lead in for the next book.I feel like that s definitely to the book s detriment The story was interesting and I would have liked to have seen of pretty well everything from it This applies especially to the intrigue plot and the parts with Seraphin and the other kids regarding the aether ship I liked the characters and would have liked to see of them, but they re left as mostly sketches instead of being fully realized.Again though, I feel like the hands down best part of the book is the art It s got a soft almost watercolor feel to it What s interesting to me is that the art can be either very emotive or super cartoony without either feeling out of place This is fantastic and not something I m entirely used to, but I like it and would like to see art like this in the future.So, I m left a bit cool on the actual plot of the story but like the ideas and really like the art This leaves me in an interesting place where I m interested in knowing what happens in the next book, but if I miss it then I wouldn t be too terribly bothered I want to know the rest, but I m also a bit concerned that it would feel rushed again That s leading me to give this one a three out of five The story is alright, the ideas are interesting, the art is good, but Castle in the Stars The Space Race of 1869 needs a little.First Second sent me a copy of this book for an honest review. This is the most beautiful graphic novel I ve read so far this year, and on top of that, it is one of the most interesting stories I ve read this year of any genre It is an oversized book, so the pages have plenty of room for both the detailed illustrations and the detailed plot Claire Dulac knew that she was taking a risk when she flew her hot air balloon to the very edge of the stratosphere But she judged it one worth taking if she could find the aether, a mysterious element, air travel, and possibly even space exploration, would be possible She promised her husband that she would return to him and their sonbut she didn t.The boy Sarphin, won t give up hope that somehow she survived And when, a year after she disappeared, a mysterious letter arrives from someone claiming to have found her logbook from that last journey, his hope is renewed The letter summons them to the castle of King Ludwig of Bavaria, a mad king who dreams of flying ships powered by aether The king hopes Claire s husband and son can continue his work, but in the meantime, Bismark dreams of a united Germany given power on the world stage by controlling aether themselves His spies are everywhere, and Seraphin and his father are in danger.So this is part steampunk, part historical fiction, part a celebration of the fabulous creativity of the Victorian age, when scientists were making incredible discoveries and writers were exploding with romantic creativity It is a book that screams give me as a present and so, if you need a gift for a young graphic novel fan in general teenaged rather than a young kid, because the story is a bit complicated and some knowledge of history is helpful But there s nothing particularly young adult about the plot, so if you have the right sort of 9 12 year old, who likes detail, and history, and machines, offer it up a fan of any age of steampunk, Jules Verne, or late 19th century European history,this is the one

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Castle in the Stars: The Space Race of 1869 book, this is one of the most wanted Alex Alice author readers around the world.

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